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Brady Shea™  im the guy with the red face and the quiff BHS '15 Tufts '19

the boston skyline is pretty nice at 2:30 AM

hey rinsta

thanksgiving was last week but im still thankful for these nerds ❤️

did we grow up or did the chair shrink?
2012 - 2017

heres a nice throwback to like 2 years ago bc we have exactly -7 pictures together but happy national siblings day to this kid!!!! (i still can't believe youre a senior thats really fucking me up) also this goes for @tannershea_ too but i literally dont have a single picture with him so rip happy national siblings day kid hope middle school is treating you well

lol so green day happened last night and i still dont know how to process all of the emotions im feeling about it

im not looking at the camera bc this picture was supposed to be for my finsta but i was convinced to put it on here so here we are now hi main account how are you its been awhile

death is inevitable and all your accomplishments in life wont matter when earth ends up getting engulfed by the sun
happy halloween everyone ❤️

in light of it finally being fall heres a pretty cool picture i got on the academic quad
also happy national coming out day

happy national best friend(s) day to these beautiful bastards ❤️

i need to find all of the pictures we've taken like this and just compile them all in an album on my phone or something

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