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Bianca P. Williams, Esq. 🙋🏿💼  Attorney at AFFC Law Firm. Admitted to practice law in SC, NC, DC. #attorneybae #lawyerbae #esquire #attorney #lawyer #SC #DC #bankruptcy #probate

I brought sand to the beach 'cause my beach is better.

“There’s power in allowing yourself to be known and heard, in owning your unique story, in using your authentic voice. And there’s grace in being willing to know and hear others.” @michelleobama
Here’s my 2018 in a nutshell! I want to hear from you! #latepost See #11-20 in the comments!
1. I Left my 9-5 job and Worked for @affclaw full time. I had no money saved in the bank and I was $32,000 in credit card and loan debt. I declined a $95,000 job offer and dived into @affclaw head first. #jump
2. I Ran my first 5k in March, my first 10k in October, and my second 5k in November. #sherunningrunning
3. I Paid off $30,000 in debt in 90 days. It was the best 30th birthday gift I could give to myself. #30for30 financial journey from June 1, 2018- August 30, 2018. My credit score increased from 590 (May 2018) to 735(December 2018). I didn’t pay for any credit repair service or hit the lottery. Hard work, sacrifice, sweat and tears! #financialpeaceuniversity
4. I Consistently Contributed 10% to tithes and offerings. #he’sable
5. I invested in my business and Renovated @affclaw and upgraded my website, business cards, and billboard. I added an additional $15,000 in debt. #topoff
6. I scaled my practice from 8 legal services to 3. 😮 #dowhatworksforyou
7. I Journaled 80% of the year using the 5-minute journal app. (Fell off mid October 😩) #selflove
8. I Taught wills, trusts, and probate at MTC. Graduated #1 in the paralegal program and came back 8 years later to teach. #youcangetanywherefromhere
9. I Increased my bankruptcy practice from 4 cases in 2017 to 39 cases in 2018. I studied a lot of material and also made a lot of mistakes along the way. #growth
10. My business grew substantially and I needed assistance. I Hired my first law clerk @affclaw . #openforbusiness

Ooh she ready ready.

Thank u, next

Yes, Indeed.
Stylist: @__eelocinn

Any further questions, you can take that up with the lawyer.

Picture your life elevating with me.

#top5 Lit Road Trip guidelines #affcedition :

1. Don’t play new music (listen to new releases in your own time.)
2. Milly Rock
3. Rap like your favorite rappers
4. Be familiar with the latest viral slogan of the week>>>#flewedout
5. Stand your ground on the music playlist and don’t be afraid to go off
cc: @__eelocinn @theeride
#btsaffc #roadtrip

#Repost @sarahjakesroberts
Message: Today on #transformationtuesday I’m praying that you will extract lessons from your past that give your voice the strength to talk back to fear and simply say, “You’re talking to who I used to be, but allow me to reintroduce my new forgiven, unstoppable, loved unconditional self...” Top pic: I can’t do this
Bottom pic: Challenge Accepted

She the plug, she finesse
She the one they call the GOAT

Happy Thanksgiving from #affcrunclub! Fun times bringing in this holiday with my family! #btsaffc #teamaffc #family #thanksgivingdayhalf #thanksgivinghalf #5k

Charlie’s Angels

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