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ANTHONY  Music guy - I got a wiki? 🤔😂😋

Plotting on an early morning flight... #A2 #musicproducer #musicproduction #songwriter

That time we released ‘just’ a soft, “promo only” song to keep her babes engaged while we prepared to promote her first actual single, and the media, radio and Spotify caught us off-guard with support including getting invited on a multi-city tour (just two days after release, mind you) that we may not have technically been ready for 😂. Well, I did a great job of thanking all those players, but I failed to thank the amazingly talented team of industry professionals who supported us and got our princess ready to perform in front of thousands... especially @chuckmaldonado, @kjroseeffect, @sherroddance95, @guttormraa, @mayoomanager, @callme_tosh, @teddycoffey, the dance crew and anyone I failed to mention (charge my head with the crime, not my heart). If this is where we start... the best is yet to come!!! Love how Team @ivy is coming together!!! #newmusic #musicproducer #musicproduction

Even if your voice shakes... cause the universe has a way of giving it to those who can’t handle it! #whereisthelove #lookaround #wakeup

Creatives, see what happens when we stick together? #wakeup #musicproducer #musicproduction

Congratulations to our chica @iamdysonmusic on her new release and collaboration with @djsavi entitled “Your Love” out now (link in bio). #newmusicalert #musicproducer #musicproduction #a2

Oh... no.... 😂!!! #livingwithnorwegians

Just gonna leave this right here.

What the world needs now... 🎶🎵🎶🎶🎶

Back in 2013, willy gave me clearance to sign an act to the label... she politely declined our advances simply stating via reps that she “had a plan already”. Yet, I remained a fan and wish this amazingly talented artist with literally one of the most perfect instruments I’ve ever heard all the best - real talk. Please go check this project out! Congrats @jadenovah!!! #newmusic #newmusicalert #supportblackbusiness 😏#musicproducer #musicproduction


When the validity of your 7yo play niece’s artwork brings a tear to your eye - sorry that you have to even think like this, baby. So, so sorry 😔. #musicproducer #family #outofthemouthsofbabes

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