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Lil AK  NEW MUSIC FROM LIL AK on SEPTEMBER 14! DJ Akademiks (personal page). YouTuber w/ over 1.9million subscribers Owner of - @akadmiks & @djakademikstv 🦂

My new favorite artist since drake and Tekashi left my txt messages unread yesterday 😡😡😡. Ps ... y’all see Vic Mensa on the left.; photobombing us.. smh ??

Name the best fortnite player u know... imma 1v1 em for $10K playground no 🧢.

Heard the opps were bullying my son in Retail... so i pulled up and f*cked em up. Don’t bully my son for having every skin but a .49 kd 😒


Bruh... why @6lack tried to press me bout posting his album today when he pulled up to everyday struggle. 🧐. This crazy ... someone give me number to Russ Rent-A-Goons... I ain’t goin for this no more.

My bad influence co workers tried to peer pressure me to smoke. I have a addictive personality... so I’m skeptical. What’s the side effects of this “hitting the blunt” 😷🧐 (btw I’m the first Jamaican born person u probably heard of that don’t smoke)

I’m in a carrying mood... who want free dubs on fortnite ?

GLEEEEEEEEEEE... Kodak sounding better than ever .. almost no slur... extensive vocabulary and sharp memory... he remembered down to the exact date we were last on FaceTime. (August 18, 2017.. when his album dropped and pointed out he got out of jail August 18,2018 ) And recalled how him and Fredo Santana thought I hacked their accounts one time 😂😂. He’s finally opening up tho and wanna start doing interviews and said he’d come to EDS . (Idk why my face looks like that tho)

MAMADEMIKS... I made the newspaper!!! I remember growing up in Jamaica and my grandmother n uncles use to read all these newspapers back in Clarendon to now being written about ... thanks to @whitterthelegend ... Fate made us meet that night. Much success to u and everyone around u. I miss 🇯🇲 already! 😢

Surreal moment when I realized I hit 2 mil subscribers .... 7 years into doing YouTube consistently... a lot of set backs .. lot of time spent ... sleep lost.. time w/ friends and family lost. For this moment to happen. Thank you so much for making this happen for me 🦂🦂🦂🦂. Words can’t explain how happy I am right now . A lot more to come on and off the platform . Thank y’all for always being there to support defend and live life and listen to my life stories over the years 🦂🦂🦂🦂. You’ve all helped me so much in life that I only hope I have somehow tried to help u in your lives as well along the way . How many subs did I have when u started fw the movement #chatniggas

Why google playing with me like this 💀

Tell M&M .. Lil AK ain’t like the other shook rappers he dissed... we finna CLAP BACK. And this proof we WRITE OUR OWN BARS!

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