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Christopher Snider  Come for the cat pictures; stay for the remote possibility I'll post anything else. I'm the Community Manager at @tidepool_org

This was installed in about 9.5 hours, and is a big step towards future puppy joining our family. 🐶🏡

In this house, we grill for leftovers.

At our last @tidepool_org team retreat, @eluhrs01 told me he was feeling a little disconnected from the diabetes community and he asked if he could join me on my next outing. Naturally, @cwdiabetes #FFLOrlando18 was the first and best opportunity for him to experience the camaraderie and joy that can come from finding your people - something that Friends for Life provides in overwhelming amounts.

So we came to Friends for Life. We handed out a bunch of stickers. We hit our target for Medtronic Beta Test uploads. And I got to watch Eric experience the best of what the #diabetes community has to offer. And that, Instagram, makes me so happy.

Today's adventure in homeownership: thanks to my lovely spouse's high attention to detail, our powder room now has a proper accent wall.

'Bout that #catlife, clearly.

Last week I came back from a work trip to discover @daylekern put up our Wall of Us. So many great memories over the years. I can't wait to see what we will add to the collection. #itstartedwithcupcakes

This weekend's adventures in home ownership included new landscaping, paver walkways out back, and a successful experiment with a cold chisel that will lead to some fantastic results in the front yard.

Still coming down from #2018ADA and the fortunate position I am in to help share @tidepool_org with the world. I'm trying to be mindful of my anger at the madness around me; finding and focusing on little moments like this are best I can do right now. It's better than nothing, so I'll work with that.

Turns out neither of us knew our blood type. Thanks to this test and the lancets we already have at home (thanks, #diabetes), now I know. And now I feel like I should be donating blood as often as possible. #UniversalDonor

A gift from @daylekern. Let's see what I'm made of!

I love my job.

Day 2 at #2018ADA featured lots of talking, lots of smiles, some familiar faces, plenty of stickers, and some chocolate from Australia.

I'm tired, but grateful for the opportunity to talk about how dope @tidepool_org is to nearly 20,000 #diabetes professionals.

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