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By @pinklomein_ ・・・
If it don't EVOLVE me, in don't involve me! My mood all 2018. Handpainted large tote available for purchase at pinklomein.com (UK shipping available) #art #pinklomein #purse #handpainted

By @whitney_austin ・・・
NEW PAINTING ALERT😮‼️All hearts deserve it ❤️...Help me name this painting! He is apart of a series 👀👀👀, I have two other women paintings to match him 😮(they will be revealed soon). This piece will be in my art show next Saturday July 28th, click on my link in my bio to grab your ticket! He is available for purchase as well. Serious inquiries dm or email me please 😊, thanks in advance for your support!

By @whitney_austin ・・・
ARTIST CONFESSIONS 😮! I cuss myself out alllllll the time while creating, talk to myself, and just want to say “Fu#k it” I’m done with this painting lol. I get frustrated while painting, especially when I don’t think its “that good”. It usually takes me to overcome a million mistakes, before I finally approve of it. More than half of my paintings don’t look like NOTHING that I had originally planned for them to 🤣. Mistakes happen as an artist...more than what you think! The night before my grand opening, I created this Gorilla painting “Mighty”. When I first created this piece, I had attempted to splash paint on the background, but I ended up soaking the canvas instead WITH THE WHOLE PAINT CAN 😩, took me a loonngggg time to clean it up off the canvas and the red floor. Then when I finally liked the painting, somehow the entire canvas fell face down off my easel WHILE THE PAINT WAS STILL WET and a lot of the paint smeared, so I basically had to do everything over. Somehow the mistakes during the process ended up adding so many layers and character to this piece. Your mistakes can end up creating something that your proud of! Don’t get discouraged, just continue to have faith! Cuss yourself out, walk away from the project, get some fresh air...then get back to it! Don’t allow mistakes to discourage your greatness!

By @pinklomein_ ・・・
Originals for sale! Pinklomein.com #art #dopeart #headwrap

By @pinklomein_ ・・・
Original Paintings for sale at pinklomein.com. 🙌🏾👌🏾 #art #pinklomein

By @dginyard95 ・・・
Dad just about finished the frame for the first one and is working on the frame for the second one. They look good by themselves but side by side...🔥. Shout out to Dad for raising the bar. | 2x4 | Ballpoint x Sharpie x White Ink/White Conte | #art #blackart #blackartist #artlife #blackmen #ink #design #illustration #graphicart #blackart365 #95dreads

By @pinklomein_ ・・・
Listennnn! This is my biggest giveaway yet! ENTER TO WIN ALL IN PICTURE ($300 prize value)! Here are the details!>>>you must purchase a $5.00 raffle ticket. You can purchase as many tickets as you would like, the more tickets you purchase the more entries you will have! ($20 entry automatically recieves a free print regardless of big win) I will have a live raffle drawing Friday the 13th noon. *DEADLINE Friday July 13th 10 AM Central time* To purchase tickets this will be a CASHAPP ENTRY, YOU MUST DOWNLOAD CASH APP (IF YOU DONT ALREADY HAVE IT) AND SEND YOUR ENTRIES IN INCREMENTS OF $5.00 ALONG WITH NAME AND DESCRIPTION (PINKLOMEIN RAFFLE) along with your email address and IG name.

CASH APP: $Pinklomein or search via email pinklomein@gmail.com
Art supplies are very expensive! As a self sufficient artist, I never ask for handouts etc, I felt this would be a good way for anyone who wants to support my brand and contribute whilest possibly winning something in return 🙌🏾✊🏾🙏🏾 goodluck

By @orealjinal1 ・・・
#orealjinal ”flowers and weeds”

By @pinklomein_ ・・・
Avail at Pinklomein.com 🥑🥑🥑🥑

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