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#KrucialAndFriends  Emmas Tatay🇲🇽🇵🇭🇺🇸 Cali Native 🗣 Feel Good Dj • Your Party Go To This Weekend 🐲 Fri- Flyway DTP Sat- Conga Room DTLA October 18th #KrucialVsRTB 🦇

DTP Tonight! 🔥 @dash__fridays
W/ my dawg @walter__lizama ⚡️
Heard @saroskii might finally step out👀
Join me! Hottest college night in the city!
#KrucialAndFriends #FlywayDTP


🦇 Next Tuesday! The 25th! 🦇
Our Annual Photo/Short Film Shoot!
Located inside the Fox Theater!
For our Official Krucial vs Romeo Event🧛🏾‍♂️
October 18th Mark the DATE!
Shits getting scary!☠️
Pre Sales available soon! More details TBA! ⚡️
#KrucialVsRomeo #KrucialAndFriends

This Friday!
I’m back at the hottest college night in the City!
W/ my Bros @walter__lizama @rubenjay__ ⚡️
Make this move! Ladies in free w/ me!
#KrucialAndFriends #DashFridays

Our Usual face expression when we link up!😁
I Promised her Clowns are banned🤡
For october 18th! 😂 So she can come! 🤷🏽‍♂️
#KrucialAndFriends #ThatsARealOne

Tonight’ @playhousehw 🥊
Fight night after party! ⚡️
One of the hottest nights in the city! 🔥
Ladies I got y’all covered! Fellas book a table!
#KrucialAndFriends #PlayhouseHW

Hov’ we been due for a post ⚡️
#KrucialAndFriends #October18Thooo

The Last PH Sunday is my last time drinking till Oct 18th!🤦🏾‍♂️
I was acting the fxk up this summer!😅
But no more!! Back to my strict drinking 3 times a year routine #ThatsAGreenTeaByTheWay #BackToFakeChugs

Thursday October 18th 🦇
I’m coming for one of the biggest nights I’ve created in nightlife⚡️ w/ my bro @romeothaboss
This Sunday! I’m calling out all my fam I’ve connected with through the years! To join the Meeting/team! IE • OC • LA • SD!
Already have some Huge nightlife influencers on board!
Stay tuned! & Save the date!Plenty of time to call off Friday!😈
#KrucialAndFriends #KrucialVsRomeo

Let’s see what this city talking bout🗣

@dreaanextdoor a thief! 😂
Stole my guy @dj_butch BBQ Chips!
Great Finale! W/ some real ones! ⚡️
#KrucialAndFriends #PHDayClubFinale

Good times w/ the bday girl 🌹
OHM went up! ⚡️ @ivieesolovely
Had to end the night w/ a visit to my boy @maineeventt 🔥
#KrucialAndFriends #HappBdayIvanna

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