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Oh shit would you look at that, just one text is all it takes to prevent an argument ...

I can't wait to see the look on her face when we show up to Disney World I can't wait to be able to take my first vacation with my daughter and my mom were going to have so much fun..I just really pray Maleena Don't Freak out on the plane & I hope she don't get home sick cause god knows she loves being home nowhere else Lol this is going to be a great experience .

This is the only two Reasons I need to keep going & be the best mom I know I am, no mother is perfect everyone has a different way of living and raising their kids don't make you a better mother then anyone ...if it wasn't for these two little girls IDK what I'd be doing or where I'd be cause I can't imagine my life without them I can't imagine a day without them... nobody is worth my kids...violence isn't worth my kids reason why I walk away and ignore the ignorance of people going to jail isn't worth losing my kids... keep Instigating me nothing you do hurts me that much where I'd react and have to be away from my kids ...none of you ignorant females may care about these little girls but I do & y'all ain't worth it to me

After you throw the shade don't matter how I'm coming expect to throw hands after that ..I'm done being the bigger person

Anastasia didn't cry this time I'm so proud and she's smiling

Yup pretty much bitches have gotten on my last nerve now it's pay back I'm being petty til I don't have nomore pettiness in me...

This would be the third visit to the Easter Bunny lol

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