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Sojourn Wallace  Refugees Welcome. Nobody is illegal. Author of the best selling children’s series Every Girl🌎 I’m going on tour! Let’s meetup!

Of course if something makes you feel this good, you’re going to tell the world about it #skating has changed my life. It’s brought me new BFFs and business partners(@obiepearl @tinukes_orbit ❤️ @indyjammajones), opened the door to my sanity on bad days, gave me something to do when insomnia was relentless (my downstairs neighbors hate me) its also something that always challenges me! I won’t complain about the firm little bum I’m gaining either. I hope if you see this and you’re looking for “your thing”, you’ll consider 8 wheels. I’d love to show you how on planet roller skate this summer! #planetrollerskate #chicksinbowls #moxirollerskates #moxiskatedaily #moxibeachbunny #moxiskateshop #rollerskate #halfpipe #quaterpipe #miniramp shout out to @wolfrayetlondon for always making me look fresh! This unitard is EVERYTHING. I love how it hugs the 🍑🙈

Temporary post for people joining the live. These pictures are - pre Dove(picture one two and three) . During the @dove commercial (four and five) after I realized my hair wouldn’t curly anymore (picture 6) and finally giving up and chopping it off. 7+8+9. The final video was the morning I cut it all off. It was wrecked and falling out in my hands #dove

I honestly hate that I have to stop what I am doing to address this situation.
I have a million and one other things to be doing but I came to the conclusion that there's never going to be a right time, a comfortable time or a convenient time to stand up to oppression.

I have made it my life's work to see to it that all people feel accepted- from refugees to adults and children with special needs; but I have never wanted to make my activism personal or work from a point of trauma or pain so this was a difficult thing to come to terms with. The ignorance, the disregards the overall feelings of being tokenized and in the end just being collateral damage for a brand who is LITERALLY selling us our own feminism.
So, on that note, the video will be up today on my friend I Am Eloho's youtube page (@iam_eloho). We're doing an interview style discussion and people can even ask questions.
12 pm NYC / 5 pm London

#dove #casting

#throwbackthursday reminding myself of all the beautiful days behind me - in particular this day when I asked Daan to put his wedding clothes back on and walk around Havana with me to take pictures. We didn’t have a photographer the first day so I set everything up on a self timer and tried to get Daan to take it serious 🤣(I mean how can anyone take themselves serious when hundreds of people are walking by yelling congratulations and you know damn well, it’s not your wedding day 🤣🤣🤣) . #havana #honeymoon #cuba #travelgram #couplestyle #kinkycoily #oldtownroad #metgala #chicksinbowls #skate #travel

Was truly living my best life in Ibiza for @hoophustleflow wellness retreat (girl you killed it and sorry for losing your keys😝). So many great conversations, reflections and opportunities to look into the future while also looking inward on the things that brought us to this moment. I have been to Ibiza a few times (like 5) but this time was really special and I can honestly thank skating for that and for these women; especially as I realized I hadn’t been as open to new friendships as I once was(love will find a way lol) . Side note: While we’re there, the class at our new studio sold out (hooray!) and in a few short weeks, I’ll be flying out to LA California, to collaborate with another one of my fav skate babes @indyjammajones for our book launch at the @moxiskateshop! (Wheeew so much happening!!) I’m honestly just enjoying the journey so much I’m not even sure what the destination was suppose to be anymore. ❤️I hope to see you all on the road! #moxi #ibiza #skateshop #cliffs #moxiskates #planetrollerskate #chicksinbowls ##iameverygirl #skatergirl #hoophustleflow #rampskate #ashramibiza #sunsetashramibiza

#vespa #vespachronicles in Ibiza- Feeling super grateful to be invited on this trip. I got a chance to connect on a deeper level with my skate family and dream big dreams for the future along women who are inspired and inspiring.
One of the coolest things they’ve inspired me to do, was open up a learn to skate studio 😁! The first class is THIS Monday the 6th of May at 7:00 PM at our Balham location!
It’s a class for absolute newbies/ beginners and I’d be absolutely chuffed to see some of my London friends and family join for my first class!!! (Playtone.co.uk) It’s so much fun! And way cooler than a evening at the gym doing burpees! #learntoskate #rampskate #balham #skating #rollerskating

So excited to have my London gal @tinukes_orbit teaching with me and @indyjammajones during our Houston skate workshops next month! This girl is a total beast- she does hoop, aerial, acrobatics of all sorts and even starred in the hit musical @starlightexpress (*swoon*)! Signup for her”hoop skate” class if you’re coming cause it’s going to be a riot! (Bio) 😀😀😀😀TC- I’m so grateful to have such a pro to teach me all about the world of alternative fitness. I literally learn something new every time we link up. #jointhefun #skatelife #moxiskates #planetrollerskate #chicksinbowls #rampskate #kinkycoily #dreads #afro #blackhirlmagic #rollerskate #jameskate #kinkycoily #vespa #ibiza #hoophustleflow #hoophustle #hoophustleflowpresents

So the cats out the bag! Me and the one and only @indyjammajones are going on a rolling, wondrous book tour of epic proportions! We’ve got a team you wouldn’t even believe! Like seriously?! @tinukes_orbit and former @starlightexpress roller girl & @anybody_killhe just to name a few! We’ve got a WHOLE LOT MORE to come but for now grab your tickets and join the most fun you’ll have all summer long! Doesn’t matter if you been skating your whole life or if you just bought your first pair of wheels! First stop Houston!!!! #moxiskates #moxigirl #skatelife #rampskate #ramplife #wherethewilwthingsare#skatergirl #iameverygirl #kidsbooks #refugees #planetrollerskate

In just a few short days, we’ll be announcing the first stop on our Every Girl Presents Planet Roller Skate Book tour!!! This isn’t just your average tour either! By joining us and attending our skate workshops and book signings, you’ll be helping us to build a skate park in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, for the refugee children who are caught up in the politics of war. One thing I can’t stress enough, is that art and play therapy, becomes increasingly invaluable to children dealing with the issues of PTSD. So you’ll not only be having a marvelous time but you’ll also be giving something back with every book and workshop you attend. I’m so excited and thankful that my and @indyjammajones paths crossed because the story, the illustrations and the work that went into this story all make me super proud!!!! 😆!! Also can we just take a moment to point out how funny it is that the two little girls who signed up to model for us, looked liked they could 100% be our real children 👶!!! #skate #moxiskate #everygirl #littlemodels #skatelife #quads #rollerskate #disco #jameskate #skatepark #rampskate #planetrollerskate #girlpower #girlswithmoxie

Friday makes 6 years since I trapped ...ahem—I mean met- my love😎#sixyears #anniversary #hubby

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