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Jai tanju 

Mystery rolls reviled!

Here is the photograph I made for the Print Exchange show at @annodominigallery - it’s inspired by Lee Friedlander’s book - Like a One-eyed Cat: Photographs, 1956-1987 - the PEP show is up until June 16th then they close until August... it’s a framed 12x16 fine art print on archival paper... if your interested contact @annodominigallery

Last nights FILM POR VIDA! opening was amazing! Thanks to everyone who came out for it especially all the epic Print Exchangers who came from far off places to be here! @smilianta & @chrisfedor from Salt Lake City, @hotfudgeishere , @t_a_b_e & @shiho.n.a from Japan, Nich Kunz, @le_sapo & @carson_lancaster from SF & @bobbycorns from Nevada city! Special thanks @bgo____ for her love & support, Cherri & Brian of @annodominigallery for letting me do the show at there epic gallery, Ray Johnson, @jason_c_arnold @photojoebrook & @smilianta Who were really the catalyst for the PEP, without them it might not of happened! @rebella22 for the mural painting & Ray Stevens for spinning records! If you missed it last night i will be there again tonight 7pm to 10pm during @subzerofestival - also a big thanks to all the Print Exchanges out there in this wide world! You know who you are! Your rule! the bottom line is @printexchange to me = Friendship & friendships are everything!!

FILM POR VIDA!TONIGHT! at @annodominigallery 7pm to 10pm during @subzerofestival @printexchange - it’s going to be a beautiful night! & your couch will be there when you get home...

Here is one of my 5 Fugazi inspired pieces for Operation Creative Freedom which is A radical group show full of epic humans curated by my friend @nakamurafoodland at Cerritos College (with help from @hagopnajarian ) it’s in Norwalk Ca (Cerritos College) on Saturday June 2nd ( for one night only! ) The line up is so cool! @movetk @movezine @hi_dutch @hanaiyusuke @nathanielrussell @mattleines @tobinyellandphoto @thealbertreyes @hagopnajarian @skatepunk22 @r.barbee @haroshi @ssandyyang @katsuodesign @lookoutandwonderland & more!

& so it the PEP set up starts! It always begins with Sam Milianta @smilianta then Aaron Frisby @aaronfrisbyart !! Why you ask? Because Sam was the first person I Exchanged with & Aaron just rules!

Travel doodle collaboration with friends from a few years back! At the beginning of our camping trip I gave everyone a little sketch pad and a pen & asked them to do whatever, just have fun with em & after the trip was over I took em back, then made these! thanks Matt, Sid, Kevin & Izzy for the effort! I love how they turned out!!

Happy Mother’s Day to these two beautiful ladies! I love you mom!& Blanche your worth oh so much more than the Safeway Flower & balloon I got you this morning! You are going to make such a great mom! I can’t wait to be sleep deprived & up to our necks in poop with you... 😘👃🏻😘

10 random photos from my Nikon 35Ti...

Sometimes dreams do come true! Two things that have been on my wish list for about ten year are happening! The first thing is I always wanted to do the Print Exchange Program show in SJ & second I always wanted something at my favorite San Jose gallery called @annodominigallery , well on June 1st & 2nd during the SUB ZERO festival I will be doing a showing of about 1000 photographs which were all sent to me via the mail from all over the world! Thanks to the all my @printexchange people, Brian & Cherri of Anno Domini! I will post a bit more when we get closer to the opening...

I’m super honored to be a part of this radical group show curated by my friend @nakamurafoodland at Cerritos College (with help from @hagopnajarian ) it’s in Norwalk Ca on June 2nd ( for one night only) The line up is so cool! @movetk @movezine @hi_dutch @hanaiyusuke @nathanielrussell @mattleines @tobinyellandphoto @thealbertreyes @hagopnajarian @skatepunk22 @r.barbee @haroshi @ssandyyang @katsuodesign @lookoutandwonderland & more! I will post a reminder when we get closer to the date!

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