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Life update for anyone still paying attention.

I'm in therapy, I get help and no I'm not great, jet. I haven't self harmed in over a year and I have lots of friends that knows what's up and they care for me and love me. Does my brain still tell me lies? Yes. Do I still believe them? Some. But I am so much better the I used to be,
Since last time I tried to kill myself, and you have no idea how happy I am that I'm not dead. I got diagnosed with depression and ednos, I'm in recovery but every day is still a battle, and I guess it will be for the rest of my life.
Another thing I'm learning right now as I am opening more and more up about this is how many people actually go through this kinds of stuff. So many of my friends have been through or are going through a hard time.
But the most important thing I want you guys to get out of is that letting go and telling someone and getting help, is the best thing I have ever done. You might wanna go Back to being in control (although you never were, your illness was) once you get past that you'll be so thankful. Life might not be great, I'm not gonna give you false hope like everyone did to me, but life is worth it. All the people I have met and all the new memories I have now, I couldn't thank God enough

I think this might be the deepest I've ever been #deep #selfhate #ednos #ed #caretomuch #help #hate

I'm sorry for being here, I'm sorry for existing #harmself #ed #ednos #hate #selfhate #help #tears #cry #broken

After I cleaned them. Excuse my fat arm #fat #ugly #harmself #hate #help #gross

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