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Neeta sharma  I support saloni chopra Iam a feminist. All posts r written by my friend I jst post dem Dm me if u need to speak abt anything

Yaa boobs. Every women has boobs. Let it be your mother,grand mother, sister ,wife, friend ,girlfriend or daughter. They will have boobs. They are part of their body. I know few men want boobs in football to suck,bite and feel the pleasure. And there are few who actually bully or abuse women for having big boobs. Then there are women who purchase push up bra's just to not get teased for their small boobs. Oh man !don't you know you drank milk from the boobs. Then you tease or we'll try to just catch a glimpse of a women's cleavage or boobs. If a girl keeps a camera in her cleavage she would be shocked to see how many are interested in her. For u men these boobs are awesome you want to touch and feel. But for us we get embarrassed when we do jogging or workouts. Their sagging irritates us. But still we love our body. We women feel it's just some extra flesh .But you keep teasing and bullying women soo much that now a days few women. Are going through boob reduction operations. Oh man !! You love her boobs . You probably forgot under them lies her heart. You need to realise it's her heart not her chest or most probably her boobs. #boobshaming #selflove #boobshamingisnotok

Why do you want to see my face? .May be because I have a great body.May be you think iam beautiful. But pal's, I don't believe in beauty of face or body. Iam a girl who believes in beauty of soul. My face will never be shown because iam not interested to show my face . Iam rather interested in letting you explore my opinions.


Written in the sand and lived in the waves. #beachlover #selflove

Women's eyes are mostly attractive and have more emotions than we can imagine. There are few men who think women got eyes to just check them out or to see them. Women's eyes show happiness, sadness, guilt, fear and doubt. Every single emotion is shown by eye's. Those eyes can rebuild you bit by bit,block by block and piece. So those eye can heal or harm you with love or hatred. They are decorated with mascara and kajal just to make them more amazing. Oh !man never make a women cry those tears aren't from her eye's,they are for her heart that's getting broken. #eye

This one by a follower pavani

I write πŸ’–

She wrote for him. πŸ’•nice one pavani


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