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Natalie I.  I am weak, but He is strong. ~Welcome to my bubble~

Two beautiful years with this man!!😊❤ Thank you for being YOU. Nastya and I adore you!😘😘

So incredibly happy!!!💕🙂 #thisislove #myheartisfull #лапочкадочка

Thanks to the most AMAZING @innachebanphotography for such great photos!❤ #innachebanphotography

THREE MONTHS, baby girl.💕💕 Where has the time gone?😢😭😭 My little babe who was a bit too excited to come into this world😂 We ADORE you, Nastya.❤

When it's finally warm enough to be out and enjoy ourselves😊💕 #thoseextralongsleevestho🙄 #myheartisfull #лапочкадочка

Well, baby N had a lazy day today😂😂 (not that her day consists of many other things besides eating, sleeping, changing a diaper and playing with her footsies🙂)

Love is all. Love is YOU❤

Oh, you know, just lounging all day!😝 (jk, that's not true😂 #mamaswishfulthinking #thisislove #myheartisfull❤️ #лапочкадочка

You are the center of my world, baby girl. And we love you immensely!❤

Love creates a family😊❤❤❤

Oh how I love you, my darling babe❤ #myheartisfull #лапочкадочка

Butterflies she used to give me turned into tiny little feet.💕💕 Nastya V. Timofeyev, the biggest little blessing has come into our lives on 02/08/2017 and made us Oh so happy!!!!😊🎊🎉🎊🎉 #лапочкадочка

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