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Natalie I.  I am weak, but He is strong. ~Welcome to my bubble~

Butterflies she used to give me turned into tiny little feet.💕💕 Nastya V. Timofeyev, the biggest little blessing has come into our lives on 02/08/2017 and made us Oh so happy!!!!😊🎊🎉🎊🎉 #лапочкадочка

My heart is overjoyed.💕 The biggest THANK YOU too all of you for coming out and making this very pleasant surprise happen!!😘😘😘 and of course, to our littlest darling visitor, baby #zoeygracegoldashkin😍😍

Too many pretty pictures not to share. Every piece and detail was lovely. #woodsytheme

The most perfect desert table and decorations!!😊 #woodsytheme #лапочкадочка

This past weekend my dearest friends got together to shower me with their prayers, blessings and gifts!!!💕😊 I have had SUCH a wonderful time and greatly enjoyed the bond we had. Both, @vasiliytim and I are SO grateful to every single one of you for your open hearts and support. May God bless you all.💕💕💕 (And yes, I did look through every single little outfit at home. TWICE!🙈😂😂) #33weeks #лапочкадочка

We went to go see a cacti garden here at San José. It was beautiful!😊 They've had over 1500 different types of cactus and over one million plants total! I don't think I've ever seen such a large variety all in one place.🌵🌵🌵This little field alone held about 30K of these guys. #ilovecactus & #igettootiredtoofast🙄

I think I know who popped the balloon first😂😂😂 and ended up with pink glitter all over. Lol

And it's a princess!!!👶👪 😊 #лапочкадочка #toomuchpinkinmymindalready😂

We are sooooo happy!😊 God has blessed us with a tiny little baby that will be arriving in March, 2017. God is love. God is faithful. And His grace is sufficient. #ialreadycantwait #whoisthebabygoingtolooklike😉😂

Exploring the Old Town of San Diego today.🌵🌴🌵🌴

Pretties #waterlillies at #balboapark today!😊🌴🌵

When you wonder the streets of San Diego.🌴🌵🌳 Darling alleys😊