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Yug Verma  "EDUCATE TO EMPOWER" Engineer | Professor | Bodybuilder INFS Teach for India 🇮🇳

Supplementary Back session- ➡➡➡
Training every muscle group twice a week (high frequency). The goal is to maintain a low intensity and get adequate blood flow into the muscle through sub-maximal training
Here are a few unconventional (yet basic) exercises for the upper back. Minor tweaks in grip placement and movement patterns can provide a relatively new stimulus.
- Chest supported row
- Meadows row
- Pulldowns (changed form for emphasis on upper back rather than lats. You can see the difference as compared to the last lat pull down video)
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From football to food to all the crazy gaming we did. The obsessing over Arnold and Rocky movies while devouring countless​ SnackBoxes
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎂🎈 @snehil.kaushik
And thank you for changing my life in such profound ways. "Keep inspiring. Be fit"
You might beat my ass at FIFA and DOTA, but CS toh equal hai boss 😋

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Snippets from yesterday's Back session -
Staple in everyone's routine, yet executed incorrectly. Neither should you have too much sway nor do you want to go super slow
Generate maximum MUSCULAR firing, focus on a CONTROLLED eccentric (slow is not always good)
Trying to accentuate the stretch at the top as it's almost like starting from dead stop. You want to really feel lat pull downs, try them at the end of a session. .
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Snippets from yesterday's shoulder session -
Behind the neck pressing, because they aren't as bad as they're said to be. Make sure to have adequate shoulder mobility
Working on your delts can be a tricky affair. Go too heavy with sloppy technique and you can develop chronic issues that will last you a life time. Rather, training them with higher Time Under Tension (TUT) works well. Move to heavier loads only once you learn the movement pattern correctly. Aim for strong, muscular and HEALTHY shoulders
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No matter if its raining or shine, or you had a bad day at work, or a fight with a person. Irrespective of any adversity, SHOW UP. Simply being there sets the ball rolling. Put in consistent work and see the magic unfold
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Bodybuilding Log 32:
Constant evolution requires a lot of mental and physical effort. Building muscle is tough, very tough. You need years of patient hard work, and you need to have an abundant willpower to push yourself into discomforting zones. If you're going to work in your comfort zone, why will your body adapt? MUSCLE GROWTH IS AN ADAPTATION TO STRESS. If you're used to a certain level of stress, your body isn't going to change. If you can subject it to a greater stress and overcome that, it's going to be easier the next time. And that ADAPTATION will lead to GROWTH
That's just like life. If you're going to succumb to a stressful situation and keep falling, chances are, it's soon going to become a habit. You need to have a strong DESIRE to grow; because when all the goals and grand plans fail and you've hit stagnation, the desire will be the sole reason for your willingness to grow
For me, its simple - if i'm not growing, then i'm doing something wrong
2017 vs 2014 . Pictures showing the improvement in muscle mass, conditioning, presentation and overall finesse. Life long committment.
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Snippets from yesterday's Back session - ➡➡➡➡
Deadlift (normal and trap bar), pull ups, couple of rows, lat pull-dows and straight arm pull-downs.
Sticking to lots of VOLUME as I feel i get the best response this way
Incorporated the Trap-bar dead-lifts this week. Really helps to focus on the upper back. If you have limited mobility, this can replace straight bar dead-lifts until you improve your mobility
#EducateToEmpower #bodybuilding
#fitness #weighttraining #backday #highvolume #deadlift #classicphysique

Bodybuilding Log 31:
This perhaps is the simplest of tools to continuously make improvements in strength and muscle mass. Yes, it implies subjecting your body to increased loads so that it adapts and grows. But the load need not always be in the form 'increased weight' on the bar. Trying to slap on a few extra pounds on your lifts every other week wont get you stronger. It might work in the early stages of training, but eventually the increments will stall. And if you continue to overload by focusing on only increasing the weight, it will make way for more chances of injury. You might overload your muscles, but you WOULDN'T necessarily make progress. If progressive overload was all about upping the weight you can handle, over time, we would all be boasting of 1000 lb lifts
Progressive overload actually means MAKING THE MUSCLE WORK HARDER. You need to trigger the right type of stimulus and overcome it, that's when strength develops, and make no mistake, this takes time. The key lies in improving different aspects of the exercise - poundage, rep range, tempo, feel, BEAUTY. Only hitting single rep PRs wont work. Hit a certain weight, get more reps, execute it with finesse​, become accustomed to the weight and then move to the next level. That's true Progressive overload
"Trying to get strong and muscular is great; Trying to get strong and muscular quickly is STUPID." -YV
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Happy Teachers Day
Thank you for teaching me patience and simplicity, virtues that have helped me tremendously. Thank you for helping me forge an iron clad mindset. Always your apprentice.
#theSorcerersApprentice #teachersday #inspiration #guru

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 🙏
Two auspicious days well spent with these lovely souls ➡
Hope everyone has a wonderful time during the 11 days of Ganesh Utsav.
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Wouldn't that be an interesting battle?? 😎🙏 #dragonballVSmarvel #supersaiyan #dubai #throwback

Bodybuilding Log 30:
They say bodybuilding is an individual sport; but i feel that's far from the truth. Yes you have your individual goals- you eat alone, prep alone, walk the path all by yourself. But there are others just like you walking the same path, doing the same things, following the same passion. Learn from them, share your knowledge, push each other, INSPIRE and BE INSPIRED. Also, don't shy away from criticism; it can always be used constructively. Someone elses perspective might help you identify the weak points you conveniently overlook. The team will always watch out for you; call you out when you mess up and push you when you need the motivation. As the saying goes "Together Everyone Achieves More" .
Three generations coming together. Separated by profession, goals, genetics; United by passion. There is no envy and hatred here; only respect, honour and pride. One TEAM one MISSION
#teamwork #bodybuilding #inspiration #fitness #weighttraining

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