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Yug Verma  New article is online- A 'BASIC' GUIDE TO AN EXPERT PHYSIQUE 👇

Snippets from International Chest day (Part 2/2) -
Dont train hard, train smart? For me, smart work and hard work arn't mutually exclusive. The best kind of smart training you'll ever do is optimal amounts of hard training. Consistent and gruelling hardwork, for extended periods of time
#chestday #bodybuilding #hardwork #hypertrophy

Snippets from International Chest day (Part 1/2) -
Back to doing strength work for the bench. 245Lbs x 3 . Nature of strength training can be very goal oriented
Even during a strength phase, I will perform the lifts in a way which will assist with my overall goal of hypertrophy. Hence, its absolutely crucial to focus on a CONTROLLED ECCENTRIC to maximize muscle fiber breakdown. In my case, dive-bombing/bouncing serves no good as there is very less motor recruitment
#chestday #benchpress #bodybuilding #hypertrophy

The mysteries of the universe might always remain unsolved; perhaps because the most brilliant piece of that puzzle vanished beyond the event horizon. Thank you Mr. Hawking, for making science so magical.
#legend #RIP #hawkingsuniverse

Uncharted Log: Peak 7 (2100 ft)
When the trail plays mind games and you absolutely find yourself lost. The most beautiful journey amongst all the treks done so far. .
#Onedaytreks #nature #adventure # survival

Bodybuilding Log 54:
Here's something very simple. There is a big difference between 'training to DEVELOP strength' vs 'training to DISPLAY strength'. When you train FOR strength, you train in a way that'll help you raise you max limit without actually having to perform close to your max limit at all. If you always try to max out on your lifts, or try to show how strong you are, you actually wont make any strength gains. In reality Strength development training is progressive in nature , whilst strength display training is stagnant/regressive. Even the audience your trying to impress doesn't actually care about your PR or even the injury it cost you. You still have to train hard to stimulate the right response. But there is a fine line between you killing your workout and your workout killing you. That line will decide the longevity of your progress
In my opinion, single rep PRs must not be tested unless you're stepping onto a competitive platform especially when your technique is not top notch. Testing your strength in other ways like setting 'REP PRs' will actually keep raising your upper strength limit with time. Even occasionally trying to max out is fine but the key word is 'occasionally'. Trying to always show off "how much" you can lift will do no good
The last missing puzzle piece in a successful strength development program is a PROLONGED HYPERTROPHY PHASE (Not just a few weeks of deload with some accessory work). You must spend time building quality muscle that will feed back into the next strength phase you go into. You'll be surprised as to how much more strength you can accumulate with the added muscle. Its almost cyclic in nature. You develop strength. You sustain that strength with sparking hypertrophy. You use the new found muscle to gain even more strength
6 years ago this same 100kg row was more of a strength display rather than strength development. With a belt to hold that flexed spine and shrugging to complete the reps. Now, a little wiser, a tad more muscular and much stronger
#strengthtraining #bodybuilding #fitness #approachmatters #hypertrophy @testosteronenation

Happy Women's Day to all you wonderful ladies. Lets all ditch the cupcakes and get high on protein shakes
Just kidding, cupcakes rule ! ❤️😊 #WomenPower

Bodybuilding Log 53:
Success with any form of weight training depends on a variety of attributes namely- technique, comprehensive ability towards your anatomy, biomechanics to name a few. These however have taken a back seat over a period of time. There is a lot less focus on exercise technique and execution as there is on a bunch of other stuff
I've had tonnes of DMs asking what periodization technique do I follow. How many times do you approach someone experienced (and with a good physique) and ask them about supplements and diets? Its very rare that you'll question them on exercise technique. Most of us tend to tilt towards sorting our nutrition the moment our progress stops. Do you ever take a step back to reassess your exercise movement? We have more number of people explaining (and selling) dieting protocols than actual exercise science. 70% diet 30% training right? Wrong. If you don't stimulate the muscle correctly with the right training, the best diet will fail to give you sufficient growth. Yeah you'll probably lose some fat, but the ultimate goal to build muscle will not be possible without the right stimulation. I am not saying nutrition isn't important, it is a big piece of the puzzle. But without SUPERIOR TRAINING, you will always have diminished results
This isn't about establishing an order of importance (nutrition vs training). I'm not stupid enough to say "You can out train a bad diet". It's about bringing back the due attention to exercise technique, and kinesiology. Learn about your body's physiology, learn about exercise technique, learn about optimum biomechanics, movement patterns and then combine them with everything else (periodization, programming, nutrition protocols, supplementation). You’ll see much greater results and stay injury free over a long haul. Muscle building is not a myth. It can be achieved 100% provided you start the process with superior training
Wonderful snatch session at @alpha7seas. It was intimidating/fun being at a CrossFit box. Shout out to the jacked dude for some valuable pointers. Time to drop down into a full snatch
#fitness #bodybuilding #Superiortraining #weightlifting #crossfit

Uncharted Log: Peak 6 (Height unknown)
An intense climb to an unnamed peak. We named the peak RAASHVI. Probably the finale to our trekking season as the sun continues to glare down unforgivingly. Or can we squeeze in another peak or two?
#OneDayTreks #nature #adventure #ManvsWild #RegionExplored

Snippets from the weekend Leg session (Part 2/2)-
Cause gotta build them glutes. Foot positioning will depend on where you feel maximum contraction in the butt.
Performing these for the first time, hoping to hit some multiple plate PRs soon 😅
#bodybuilding #glutes #fitness

Snippets from the weekend Leg session (Part 1/2)-
Quad focused leg day. Performed landmine squats to metabolically overload the quads. Front squatting stance coupled with the forward lean allowed for all the weight to fall on the toes
Very useful for understanding basics of squat mechanics. Can be used for progression whilst moving up the squatting hierarchy
Also cause these look super cool with the new cap @pramod08shinde got me 😎
#bodybuilding #legday #fitness #CapDaysAreBack

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