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carli nicole ↟  📍nashville, tn ❋ northwest native ❋ interior design ❋ photos for fun ❋ jesus is everything

starting a band called scooter gang🤘🏼

we’ve all got a little magic inside ✨
PC: @xoalicemae

our job is to love people.
when it hurts. when it’s awkward.
when it’s uncool and embarrassing.
our job is to stand together and carry the burdens
of each other.
- @jamietworkowski

had this on my mind today

played outside today to celebrate the arrival (finally !!!!!) of autumn with my talented pal @xoalicemae 😌🍁

ready for change 🍁

from the mountain to the valley

oh honey,
it’s just a wave

patience has never been something i’m great at.
working on it, and learning that the wait is always worth it.
there is purpose in this season.

even here there’s more to come

!!! it’s finally my favorite month of the year + wow i love u october !!! yay !!! #pumpkineverything #iknowthisisbasic

raise your hand if you’d love to live in that cute little house with the green roof and this view as much as i would 🙋🏽‍♀️

the only way to celebrate national coffee day 🖤☕️

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