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carli nicole ↟  📍nashville, tn ❋ northwest native ❋ interior design ❋ photos for fun ❋ jesus is everything @nativedesign.co

i took this on our last night in reykjavík on the pier, and it’s one of my favorite photos from the trip.
i still haven’t decided if i love it so much because it reminds me of my dad and grandpa, or because of the simple serenity that i remember from this moment.
maybe it’s a little of both.

i dream of designing buildings as beautiful and intriguing as this one at some point in my life + can’t wait for that time to come✨

// kind eyes

in love with the little black house on bjargarstígur ✨

never going to be over this trip 👉🏼
[full vid in my igtv]
@espitz @jessica_amerson @therobbiehall
🎵: state lines - @iamnovoamor

‘put your hand on your heart,’ the old man said.
‘inside you, there is power,
there are ideas, thoughts that no one has ever thought of,
there is strength to love, purely and intensely, and to have someone love you back -
there is power to make people happy, and to make people laugh -
it is full of compliments, and the power to change lives and futures.
don’t forget that power and don’t ever give up on it.’ ✨
- a t t i c u s
📷: @jessica_amerson

skógafoss > the rivers + lakes that we’re used to 😍

places that make you realize how small you are >>>

probably not going to stop posting iceland pics anytime soon ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

sweet little mems that I will keep forever and ever and ever

life could be a dream, sweetheart ✨

back in nashville + daydreaming about this sweet little marine town in the westfjords ✨

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