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carli nicole ↟  📍nashville, tn ❋ northwest native ❋ interior design ❋ jesus is everything

even if you tell my feet to wait †

things that bring me joy: E + @matchlessco coffee soda 😌

51 floors to explore filled with design vendors and pretty things is not a bad day in my book (also this was like the only time I saw the light of day today 😅)

k, ready for it to be cold outside now✽

sitting at my desk daydreaming of perfect montana mountains + camp but tbh what’s new 🌲

low q pic, high q pal 👯‍♀️
📷: our personal photographer, @calebjaems

just overwhelmed by the sweetness and faithfulness of jesus this week. it always feels like coming home ♥️

just passing through on the way to bozeman tonight, but i’ll be back soon. chicago, you are v pretty.
(see story for proof)

no lifeguard on duty 💁🏽‍♀️

sweet morning light // ☼

if you’re wondering if i’m over it, the answer is no 🤤

4 floors of magic 🤩

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