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Blue "Boo Boo" Kostuk  I am a happy to go 🍀 guy. I have the bluest 👁👁 you will ever see. I love being petted, 🍪and 🚙 rides! I am told I am a 🇨🇦 Wheaton Terrier. ❤️🐶🐱

Early morning walks are the best!👍😜 Means longer afternoon naps! #wheatensofinstagram #wheaten #hound #bluetickcoonhound #houndsofinstagram #byrondog #getoutside #doglife

More things change, the more things stay the same.....it’s been a difficult few weeks for us but this guy who hogs all the photos certainly keeps us smiling. 😜 #wheatensofinstagram #wheatens #byrondog #hounddog #rescuesarebest #weloveswampwater

Some days it’s harder than others too get out of bed; today is one of those days.... #wheatenterrier #wheaten #byrondog #missingmybuddy #iwillalwaysloveyou #sleepdeprived

Something’s in life change in an instant with no explanation. I don’t know why things happen but right now I am very sad and confused. #wheatensofinstagram #wheaten #wheatenterrier #withoutdarknessyoucantseethestars #brokenheart #missingmybuddy

Today on a road trip we ended up here. Tried to get a picture wth my brother but he likes to wander sometimes. #wheatenterrier #wheatens #wheatensofinstagram #byrondogs #sunflowers #sunflowerdogs

Hello! My name is Fargo......
I had a rough go in the beginning of my life. I was rejected and abandoned just after I was born. I did not make the cut as a good hunting dog. I was left to raise myself in a garbage dump. It was a pretty scary place and I was afraid. @arfontario came along and knew I needed to be rescued. They caught me after trying for days and set me up with the best foster mom any dog could ever wish for. @senior_dogs_rule waited patiently hoping I would break out of my shell and learn to love. It took weeks before I would even approach her and eat from her hand. Then one day it happened. I ate from her hand and a week later, I let her rub my ears. I think then she knew maybe I could be saved. A week or so later I was listening, playing with her other dogs and coming to terms with humans. They are not all bad at all. My foster mom knew it was time for me to leave. I needed a special family though, and one with an older dog to help me learn and to show me I can have fun and be loved. After finding out about this one family who was looking for a dog, they came to visit me. I immediately went over to them, and sat i the grass and played beside them. My foster mom was so happy and did not expect that to happen so sudden. They came back a day later with their other dog. I liked him, I licked his ears. I had found my family and my foster mom knew it too. So after three weeks now I am home. ❤️🐶 #coonhound #coonhoundsofinstagram #family #lovinglife #iamathome

I would love to thank @arfontario for allowing us to become part of arf family, you guys do fantastic work! The biggest thank you goes to @senior_dogs_rule for showing the love ❤️ to an unwanted, neglected puppy and creating a loving, caring puppy that could realize he could trust his humans and love them too. You are an angel 👼on earth for the amazing work you do. Please followers check out Fargo’s story @senior_dogs_rule the best foster mom ever! #wheatensofinstagram #wheaten #iamabigbrother #fargo

Thanks @arfontario for allowing me to get a brother! You guys do fantastic work, especially @senior_dogs_rule ❤️❤️ @pawlooza #wheatensofinstagram #wheatens #byrondogs #futuresobrightigottawearshades

Look into my eyes; I need a treat please. 👀🍪 #byrondog #wheatensofinstagram #wheaten #wheatens #wheatenterrier #ilovetreats #treatsareyummy

Yesterday was my mommy’s birthday; so Dad and I went flower shopping to the flower lady and gentleman! #byrondog #wheatensofinstagram #wheaten #wheatens #wheatenterrier @theflowerladyandgentleman

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