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Focus on you and tag someone and remind them to focus on them! #rachelgilder

Self love makes it easy for the man God has for you toe love you. Sis, you are everything the right man loves. So don’t apologize for being wonderfully and fearfully made by God. Stop looking in the mirror sis at what you think are imperfections. What you question are the things a man sent God will love effortlessly. Smile at your scars because you are perfect. #rachelgilder#lovequotes #blacklove #reallove #followrachelg #repost

May God bless you with YOUR desires! #rachelgilder

And it has a very happy ending!!! #rachelgilder

(MY FIRST PROTECTIVE STYLE IN OUR RELATIONSHIP) My future Husbae isn’t a fan of braids. Ladies, a real man will never run your life but when you want him to look at you and smile. You should know his interest, so you can cater to him. This is where communication comes in. When he told he wasn’t a fan of braids. I could have got an attitude, or did it anyway. Instead I wanted to know how he’d feel, if I got protective styles until the bridal shower. I wanted to know why he hated braids so much. 🚨🚨FELLAS TELL ME IF YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY! 🚨🚨🚨He said it’s not the braids, it’s when women don’t take them out and hang on to the hope of the braids. He thinks a woman should also remain well groomed and look like a boss. He loves the braids and I love him! Thank you @rae_belle_ for hooking me up! #rachelgilder #relationshipcoach #datingcoach #marriagecoach #protectivestyles #braids #hair #relationships #thewoodsonway

Awe my future husband and i are a meme. FOLLOW @Author_CeCeIvory
In your waiting process stay faithful in what you believe in. You may see others obtain what you're praying for before you and that's okay. One thing you have to remember is God never breaks a covenant. So whatever God promise you it has to happen. Whether it be a healthy relationship (marriage), a business, or etc. But for the singles out there who are praying for healthy relationships, it's coming! You're waiting will not be in vain.
S/O to my girl @i_amrachelg on her engagement and future marriage. This heffa likes to call me or text early in the morning knowing that we are on a two-hour difference 😂. She told me I'm going to post my engagement now. So I had to get on her head and make sure she did it lol. Y'all call her Rachel I call her my Judy lol. I can't not wait to celebrate this special day with you. Come on December! 😝💃
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So many people pray selfishly! You can ask God to work out your love life for you, but what about their spirit man! Pray for your future spouse's relationship with God. Remember if they are who God needs them to be. You'll never have to pray and ask God to make them who you need them to be. #rachelgilder #radiopersonality #followrachelg @i_amrachelg #relationshipgoals #dating #marriage #relationship #videoftheday #flashbackfriday #repost

Both of you will be prepared to propel in love! Because when God has a plan, it’s not something that will later be a thing if your past! #rachelgilder

Since so many people have requested to sign up and I’m a bit excited about the news i shared today! Here is a discount for you singles are seriously sick of dating the same way. IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT GETTING THE HELP YOUR LOVE LIFE DESERVES!! DM or text me!! Now taking clients with a new client weekend deal!!! Our international program is changing lives. Get in on Relationship Expert Rachel G is extending her years of experience and pouring life changing information for singles. Join the online program I'm Single Now What for another month successful life changing month. --------
Sign up NOW! You get access to Rachel G the relationship coach personally. We will walk you through your singleness. We will go back to the root of you to fertilize your growth. As I help you pick YOU back up and help you find YOUR purpose. Private sessions and webinars------I will show you how to embrace your singleness and understand why you are in this season through my professional tools and solutions. ---You will join other women in this journey as you empower each other. ----You will learn how to date properly and be prepared to be a wife. ---Step by Step---week by week you will rediscover you and embrace YOU. I am excited to walk with you. Contact me today for more information about allowing me to help you redirect your journey. Yea you may be single but when we are finished you'll be prepared to be a wife. While finding your purpose!! Text 646-403-6493 for more info. #rachelgilder #relationships #relationshipexpert #mentor #lifecoach #datingcoach #shesaidyes

The same way we were aligned together, is the same way we vow to remain together, through prayer! We kinda did things differently. I use to watch #marriedatfirstsight and say I wanna do that (jokingly) However, it’s kinda what happened. We got engaged a few days after courting but made it official when my ring was shipped in. So these last few months we’ve been getting to know each other. This journey has been so much fun. This journey has been spiritual because we felt God keeping us along the way. Everything never so well. From our children to our families. Everyone blended so well. It’s almost as if we knew each other before. When God is in it will flow effortlessly. We have so many pictures that the kids have taken, like this one. I teach my clients the importance of healing, waiting, and trusting God. After over 13 years I am getting married again. Healing was important and doing it in God’s alignment has been as well. I feel his presence every second of this journey and I’m glad to know God did it. #rachelgilder #thewoodsonway #bridetobe #ourlovestory #Goddidit

God is a God of “Suddenly” whether it’s love, a house, a job, and car, or whatever you need. He will do it if faster than you think. The problem is we are focused on time that we don’t even have control over! Trust God’s timing because it’s always on time. #rachelgilder

Awe thank you @blacklovepage NOW THIS IS STORY ALL ABOUT HOW OUR GOD STORY WENT DOWN!!! #repost @blacklovepage 😍
We met at church and when I learned he was interested in me, I curved him. Months later while going on a fast God told reminded me that I’d be aligned with my husband by Dec 31st. After church Dec 31st he asked me to lunch and he expressed how he felt and what he prayed about. It was the same thing God told my husband would say. After our watch service we went on another date followed by parking lot conversation that lead to 9 am. So we went on two dates in one day. He told he’d be back at 8 to ask me to be his girl. So i had less than 12 hours to think. Lol. At 7:47 he was in my drive way. At 8 I said “let’s do this” He asked me to marry him January 25th 2018 in front of our kids. Omg I was cooking and he came into the kitchen, followed by the kids. I knew something was up because they all had this look on their faces. It took a while and sometimes I’m still in awe. I ran into the corner like “timeout” God what did you just do! Because it wasn’t until i was obedient to God, that everything aligned. People think love takes forever, but when you let God heal you and prepare you, It is all just a matter of time. I decided to focus on God and i forgot the word spoken over my life. The word was manifested the 31st of December 2017. Our wedding date is 12.1.18. God never forgets his word, we just have to be obedient and trust him to align with his timing. #blacklove #rachelgilder #blacklovepage #thewoodsonway #adecembertoremember #issabride #imgettingmarried #isaidyes #blackbride #Goddidit #relationshipgoals

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