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I AM SUS  Prime sus. Just about every week I cash my papa johns check, get horned up, and drive my white jimmy wasted to respects.🍕🏄


When she has to change and says can you turn around for a sec

When the bidet water is warmer then usual

When your in the middle of using the bidet and your phone vibrates but you know it's a tinder match

When your shopping for barbies cause your a good uncle but all the parents tell there kids it's time to leave the store

And after he gets what he wants you can expect this look

When he gives the ladies this look they buckle at the knees

What abu from Aladdin is up to these days

@sooooooo_dope done it again and got me v weak as fuck as v as fuck I can't I really v can't as fuck #meme #memes #dope #cheese #earth ## #hastag #catsex

Dis gah meh v weak af that darn pussy mouth!!
#sus #iamsus

Don't check out episode 1 in @wolf_medallion bio in the bio check the fucking biiiiooooo beeeeiiiioooooo byyyeeeeoohhh in the bio b I ohhhhhh

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