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Nini  Me encontraron en la calle una fría y lluviosa noche de noviembre de 2014. Tenía una semana de nacido. I'm a survivor...and this is my life.

Pelé, Messi y Christiano Ronaldo le hacen los favores.
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This little fellow is barely 6 weeks old. I found him on a rainy night, when he cried as hard as his tiny loungs coluld bear.
I was taking my daily walk, using headphones (al odds against him) and listening to loud music, And still, I could hear him cry. I turned back, looked in the bushes with my phone's light. There he was, almost dead, frozen, hungry. I picked him up, all bones, not moving at all. I thought to myself: I hope I make it back on time to save him!
We fed him 2 tiny drops of water, that is all he could take. We put him in a tiny electric blanket. He survived the night!
It has been three days, and every day it has been full recovery. With patience and love, everyone can save whatever they want, opportunities come to you everyday. Open your eyes (and your heart). @cats_of_instagram @foster_kittens #kitten #love #survivor #kittens

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