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⚓Refuse To Sink⚓  Here to help everyone. I wont judge. Stay strong everyone. I'm here for anyone that wants to talk. Ask me for my kik. At 1K, I'll reveal my identity.

I love Coca Cola❤

So true✨

No matter what, always be strong. Everyone has strength.


Right now there's been alot of problems in Venezuela. The president is basically turning into a dictator. He cut off many food supplies from the people so that they can starve. He closed down newspaper companies and news stations so that the people don't get acess to the outside world. He's senting troops in every single state to watch the people so that if anyone tries to protest, they will either be sent to jail or shot at in front of everyone. Many people were killed this past week because they were protesting. Many of them were college students. The woman in this picture was a beauty queen in Venezuela and she did soap operas too. She was shot in the head yesterday because she protested against the government and spoke about the injustices that are happening. I pray for peace in Venezuela. I hope that the president will stop murdering his own people. It's horrible how these people are suffering. R.I.P Génesis Carmona and all the people that died this week that tried to stop this tyrant of a president.❤ #venezuelaesenmicorazon

Lilo and Stitch💕🌴

Everyone is unique and special in their own way. We are all different.

Even though you guys haven't seen my face or how I dress. What do you guys think I am? The first one that guesses correctly will get a shoutout.

I love all of my followers. Even though I'm not with you physically, keep me in your heart❤. I'll be with you guys forever😊.

I hate this game so much🐥 #flappybird

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