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The Phenomenal™  Got the power and knowledge to rule your fate Ideal trait of my existence is eternal Phenomenality Only thing that can stop me is me #Unstoppable

The sun is shining bright..the stars are burning out...We are the privileged #starscantshinewithoutdarkness Featuring Kristen Stewart and The Phenomenal One😎😏🔯🔥

Melanie C rollin with Phenomenality #Inducted

Keeping me in your heart is OK but keeping me in your mind might be dangerous because people say.....I'm Mind-blowing #EssenceofPhenomenality

Build an Empire, Leave a Legacy #PhenomenalLand

Lord, protect me from my friends, I CAN TAKE CARE OF MY ENEMIES. #KillThemWithPhenomenality #Burythemwithasmile

If It Ain't P1, They Don't Want None 🙌

Accept my phenomenality. Life would be a bore without it

I'm not about caring, I'm about winning. No matter what time I get in nobody questions my ability to get the job done. #the #face #that #runs #the #place @repost

Life is good usually but at this point life is amazing😎 BECAUSE I am #Phenomenal 🙌 and this is called being the face that runs the place 👑 👑

Respect is earned, Honesty is appreciated, Trust is gained and Loyalty is returned.

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