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HYUNAH_AA (김현아) (s/h)  • Updates, News, Infos, Photos & Videos • 20140621 • 섹시 퀸 현아 팬페이지 • 현아 liked {❤} 09.19.2016 #우리현아66한day ㅤ (hiatus)

흑 진짜 아름답다 현아야! (@hyunah_aa) 💜

170607 || <#현아>; HyunA Instagram Update (@hyunah_aa) 흑 너무 이뻐요 😍💜

[💜] 생일죽하해 우리 섹시 퀸 현아 (@hyunah_aa) 사랑합니다 정말! #HappyHyunADay #우리현아66한day

Happy Birthday to this talented, influential and humble female soloist KIM HYUN AH (@hyunah_aa) 🎂🎉🎈🍺 may you have a wonderful day and a great year ahead. More Powers! and continue smiling because you're smile is the reason of mine 💜 #HappyHyunADay #우리현아66한day gif©myfantasy

HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY goes to our sexy queen, female monstah, the female hobgoblin and the cutest KIM HYUN AH (@hyunah_aa) 💜 #HappyHyunADay #우리현아66한day 🎂🎉🎈

[⚠] Let's all celebrate #HyunA's birthday by posting a lot of HyunA related photos/videos/facts etc. on any social media sites with the hashtag #우리현아66한day & #HappyHyunADay 💜 STARTING NOW and the whole day of June 6, 2017 🎂🎉🎈

170522 || <#현아>; HyunA Instagram Update (@hyunah_aa) 진짜 예뿌다 💜😍💯

170522 || <#현아>; HyunA Instagram Video Update (@hyunah_aa) 아름답다 😍

[#현아] HyunA for @diormakeup@cecikorea

우와아앙 퀸현아 진짜 아름답다 (@hyunah_aa) 💜

170506 || <#현아>; HyunA Instagram Update (@hyunah_aa) #트리플H 💜💙🙆

[#현아] HyunA @ Lipstick Prince

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