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Jeffin Andria Prabowo  Hi there! :D I am a learning artists, and I love good artworks! Eager to try something new and really wants to makes smiles from art. 😊

Who's hyped for KH 3 ? πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
They said that it will probably come to switch! If so, I will absolutely have to snatch one, haha^^
#sora #kh3 #kingdomhearts

Here's Ellen from Pale Blue (maybe) wishing eid mubarak to you all! :) Music: Bensound - Tenderness

#timelapse #paleblue

Doodling biar ga lupa cara gambar~

Random character, technomagnusdragoontabletmania

Bikin roket sambil nungguin 50+ antrian loket kereta πŸ˜‚

Shadow tracing! Created small silhouette and light it up with phone's flashlight. Traced by me and cut by @sieyossieyoci ~

My new Persona 5 theme, thanks to the theme creator! Tweaking things are one of my greatest hobby :) Having a hobby is really good for relaxation. Sometimes things can be a bit rough, but from every problem, comes a great learning.
Good luck everyone and wish you all a good day!

Yeaah mengki party bersama @icaantika
Yang muntah - Olap
Yang girang - Lulu
Yang maen tikus - Tutles

Long-delayed commission, because of life~

Birthday doodle timelapse!

Bensound - Tenderness

Dinner time w/ commission!

Fanart for my friend's game @kittenmita !
Check put their steam page for more info. :D

Another persona 5 styled doodle!
Obligatory glasses added.

#persona5 #doodle #megane

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