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HYPOXI Australia & NZ  🔴 Targeted Fat Burning 🔴 Low Intensity High Impact 🔴 Up to 3X more effective than regular exercise #HYPOXIAus


Crisp lettuce, juicy tomato slices, bacon and creamy avocado wrapped in a delicious egg crêpe. All of your favourite breakfast ingredients in one meal. Yes, It's a HYPOXI-friendly burrito!

How much leg is too much? In case of @bellahadid the split gets a tick from us!

Almost weekend! What a great week it's been with our clients losing CMs like there's no tomorrow! It's so good to see real weight loss results being maintained even in winter.

HYPOXI is much-loved by Brides-to-be!
“I absolutely loved my HYPOXI experience. After reading a few articles in bridal blogs I decided to try it for myself in preparation for my wedding. Whilst I was already doing regular exercise I couldn’t seem to shift the weight from my legs, thighs and butt. I initially did 12 sessions, diligently following the instructions from the lovely ladies at @hypoxilanecove

At HYPOXI we believe in personalised approach to weight loss. Your coach will discuss your weight loss goals with you in detail while your initial body assessment will determine which device will you train on and appropriate device settings.
HYPOXI is exercise science for everybody!

Green tea is such a great & healthy way of staying hydrated through out the day. Sipping hot tea also keep you warm and aids digestion. A huge variety of green & herbal teas available means you never get bored.

@flatoutmum completes her course of HYPOXI at Hypoxi Body Shaping Elsternwick & Moorabbin and we've been holding our breath for here feedback:
"In 5 weeks I've lost a total of 29CMs mainly from my waist, tummy & hips (& I'm back wearing my OLD favourite jeans!) My skin is also much clearer, yay! I would NEVER promote something I didn't believe in, so check it out, ladies, it's really effective (& fun!)"

Yes, you've read it right! We recommend to eat a small portion of healthy carbs (oats, quinoa etc) 1-2 hours prior to your HYPOXI-training. Since there's no snacking for 2 hours after your session is done, it's important that your body has sufficient energy and your cravings are in check!

Congratulations to @missworldaustralia contestant @amylee16 for making it to the Finals. Busy Amy manages to do 3 HYPOXI sessions a week which tightens and tones her legs for that flawless stage look!

Dropping a jean size for women is like getting a six pack for men. The most common and desirable fitness goal! With colder temperature jeans are an irreplaceable wardrobe staple and with HYPOXI fitting into them is easier than ever. Our technology stimulate fat-burning on your thighs and bum so those stubborn CMS vanish within weeks of gentle cycling.

Wondering what benefits are in becoming a proud owner of a HYPOXI Studio? You will not only embrace healthy and fit lifestyle yourself but you will also help others do so! Not to mention a financially rewarding business!

It's normal to crave heavier meals in winter times. We recommend to satisfy your cravings in a healthy, low carb way , before they manifest in Churros and puddings! Think homemade stews, soups and slow cooked meat & vegetables.

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