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HYPOXI Australia & NZ  πŸ”΄ Targeted Fat Burning πŸ”΄ Low Intensity High Impact πŸ”΄ Up to 3X more effective than regular exercise #HYPOXIfriend


One of the main HYPOXI hacks for achieving maximum weight loss results is NO carbs after your training session. Come on, you can last for 4 hours! Plus the more you learn about low-carb HYPOXI-friendly snacks like a slice of cheese, avo & berries, the easier it becomes.

Don't let that mad Monday work mode make you skip a workout! Catch up on business emails on your phone during training, it's so easy and low impact! Laptops and books are also welcome. Our S120 machines (pictured) are designed for multitasking πŸ˜‰

Should you own a HYPOXI studio? Imagine becoming someone who is dedicated to a proper diet and regular workouts as well as helping others to do the same. It's so rewarding when you are the person helping someone else reach their health and fitness goals, you'll be looking forward to each day at work!
To learn more about our Franchise opportunities email Manal - manal.haydar@hypoxi.com.au.

Can you believe this deliciousness is HYPOXI-friendly?
This super yummy Bang Bang Cauliflower is baked rather than fried for a skinny take on this famous recipe. Simple tricks like this make a huge difference on your weight loss journey.

Mood! Time for some comfy clothes & quality time OFF! Happy Friday, everyone!

Amazing results from Miss J at @hypoxistives A loss of 3.8kgs and 25.5CMs in total from her 4 WEEK HYPOXI COMBO PACKAGE! A Loss of 7CMs alone from just her stomach, where she found stubborn to shift!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» HYPOXI is the SMART way to SHAPE UP!

Its the FINAL week to get a FREE HYPOXI Session for you and your friend valued at $138 each!
Treat the TOTALLY AWESOME women in your life to a free HYPOXI session worth $138* to give them a confidence boost and help them look and feel their MOST AWESOME self.
PLUS, because we think you’re AWESOME too, you will also receive a free HYPOXI session worth $138* when you nominate your friend or family.
Let's celebrate all the women we are in AWE of! πŸ‘‰πŸ» Link in bio

So lovely to see women achieving their goals and feeling comfortable in their body once again. Such a privilege to be apart of their journey!
This @hypoxicairns client lost 30.3CMs and 4.8 k in just 24 combo sessions. Amazing results in just a short period of time!

Your mid week fitspo is here! It might not be the time to be a beach bum, but it's always the right time to get a HYPOXI bum. Let's not make cellulite a seasonal thing, agree?

Lunch time workout re-imagined! You'll feel rested & energised after our HYPOXI Dermology treatment. 20 mins of heaven + 30 mins of fat-burning low impact exercise if you feel like it. NOTE: Book your sessions in advance, these suits are very popular

Sometimes people are just very curious about HYPOXI, other times clients come to us after they've tried everything to lose weight! Our method is based on advanced technology and is truly unique, it might be exactly what you are looking for πŸ˜‰

Siobhan, a busy mum & HYPOXI lover/owner of @hypoxibulimba_newstead has always had a great figure but because of HYPOXI has taken it to the next level!
Wave goodbye to cellulite & say hello to smooth & firm skin. Even if you are not looking to lose weight, there are benefits of HYPOXI that will keep you coming back over & over again.

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