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Hypno Heather  Hypnotherapist, Instructor of Hypnotism & Speaker - let go of the beliefs and perceptions that stop you from living your heart's desire.

With summer comes heat and with Solstice comes the longest day of the year. With this season comes great opportunity for balance and joy. It is all about creating a lifestyle that brings your heart and your personality into harmony. This is where what you desire and what you do have less distance between each other. This is THE season for lightening the load, physically losing weight, letting go of anger, and letting your heart open to the heat and the light of the sun.
This can also be a good time to embrace eating lighter foods and less of it and move more. The balance is easily created in summer with gently introducing more exercise (remember: gently we are creating a lifestyle of health and balance ~ not being mad at ourselves and forcing change) and and eating less, again with patience and practice. Introducing real, lasting change is a process and it takes time... but that is not saying there are no rewards along the way - there are! Moving from less sadness to more happiness and less anger and over thinking to more peace of mind and better sleep - just to name a few.

Spring was about facing everything and avoiding nothing and now Summertime is about letting the sun bring forth the joy from within. We are witnessing suicides of all ages and by people of all walks of life and the shock that comes forth on social media especially when someone who 'seems to have it all' by external standards and perceptions of all, chooses to end their life ~ is further evidence of the importance of making it a priority to take care of our mind and our hearts because true peace and happiness really do ONLY come from within.

The HOW and the HYPNOSIS go together! The ways that our minds work and the way that we feel really does affect the quality of our lives.
Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic process of creating the change where the issue lies which thereby allows the change to be witnessed and felt in the waking state = life.
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Love looking at this photo of myself as it reminds me of the power of my #pinealgland and #thirdeye and how the more I meditate and be cleaner in my habits the more clear my vision for myself, my clients and the world. This is not a journey of deprivation or bad habits vs good... this is a path of less resistance, of doing more the things that feel good while naturally allowing the things/thoughts/habits/feelings to dissolve away as they are no longer needed. This is a path of process, where progress never equals perfection although process is always perfect! Make today a great day by focusing on what’s going well, even if it is only one thing lol! I like to take deep breaths into my third eye and let it guide me to where I shall go within and outward in my physical life. ❤️ #gowithin #goodhabits #nobadhabits #processisperfection #loa #lawofattraction #pathofleastresistance #abrahamhicks #healersofinstagram #hypnosis #hypnoheather #hypnotherapy #hypnotistsofinstagram #meditationistheremedy

Joy is the goal and it’s the only thing that truly motivates. Will power is futile when you are trying to do something against your heart’s true desire. If you are feeling resistance to doing something... rather than call yourself lazy or a procrastinator... check in with yourself and feel what you are really feeling and do something, anything that feels better. With that you will begin to build momentum and the momentum will grow and soon you will find yourself doing the things you DO want to do and feeling better about yourself, your life and your future as a result! #selfluv #hypnoheather #procrastination #selfloathing #selflove #feelbetterdobetter

Awhhh the chair where so much magic has happened! I have always joked that when the time comes to replace this chair for a new one I will auction it off to the highest bidder lol! Well, the time has come and I have bought a new chair (stay tuned for pics!) and it is time to say good bye to this one. If you actually do want this chair message me and let me know. I wanted to make sure I put the offer out there as I know so many of you have relaxed, shifted and healed in this chair ❤️ #hypnosis #hypnotized #hypnotherapy #lazyboy #hypnolazy #chairtherapy

A smile is a great accessory too!

Had such a fun weekend at Sask Fashion Week! This is my look from Saturday night. #fashionontheprairies #ilovefashion

Tomorrow! First day of this class starts tomorrow. Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Happiness is a feeling. Change is a better life.
Here's the thing. This is the work that I do everyday and it has come to my attention thousands of times that suffering is caused by the way we look at things and the inability to do the things that we know we need to, and actually want to do for ourselves. And, as you know, I don't mean the suffering that comes from not being able to achieve our goals (although that can be painful.. ouch!) I mean the actual pain, the way we hurt, the way we cry, the way we feel depressed and unmotivated and unhappy with ourselves - when we know that if we could simply make better lifestyle choices ~ everything would be better.

For more details and to register: 

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This is the only life you have and you deserve to let go of thoughts, feelings and habits that are no longer serving you and be able to look in the mirror and to begin to love the person staring back at you.

Each class Heather will be speaking about the various topics before leading everyone into hypnosis. For the first class she will be sure to discuss hypnosis, how it works, how it feels and how to know if you are in hypnosis and will continue to answer questions and educate about hypnotherapy and how it works throughout the classes to insure everyone is comfortable and knows what to expect during the class as well as after - in terms of results.

Everyone experiences a deep relaxation in this class like no other! Which, FYI is also great for weight loss. Win, Win!

DETAILS: • Tuesdays starting May 8 until May 29, 2018
• At Yoga Mala Regina: 2020 11th Ave
• 6:00 until 7:30 PM

For questions contact Heather at: 306.596.2298

For more details and to register: 

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This class, starting on Tuesday, May 8th, is a unique opportunity to tackle weight loss in a constructive way.

This class will:
- Forever change the way you look at yourself and weight loss and the change of perspective will change the way you feel and your habits.
- Help your mind to slow down and allow you to be more in the moment and enjoy your life more.
- Change the way you talk to yourself.
- Release built up anger and resentment.
- Change your thoughts and feelings - which then changes your behaviours.
- Teach you the key to much easier and better feeling weight loss.

For more information, visit Hypno Heather on facebook or call 306.596.2298. The "Bring a Friend" special ends tonight at midnight, so act quickly!

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