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HyperGender Caberlesque  We are a queer burlesque show in NYC and have been around since 2007. Come play with us!


Which photo of @essencerevealed do you like more? Our fairy tales show vs fetishes. I can't pick!!!! Photo Credit: Stacie Joy

Mina Minou & bunny nosebest @ hypergender Pride and Resistance! #hypergenderI#caberlesque #beautiful

Our gorgeous kitten winter!!! Tonight hgb!!

Tonight. NYC. Be there or be missing something that's really awesome and live your life with a regret you can never really pinpoint but it will come from this very moment.#deepbreath #nycnightlife #pride #caberlesque

Show: Tribute To JZ Bich 11-5-16
Photo Credit: Stacie Joy

Shakespeare in the Nude poster. <3 this design #throwback #burlesque

Jz Bich as the devil at our show, Inferno - 4.5.14
Photo Credit: Stacie Joy
#burlesque #hypergender #nyc #wowcafe

Matt Knife at our Almost Human show 11.8.14
Photo Credit: Stacie Joy


Bettie Blackheart in our show Shakespeare in the Nude, 2.0 - 9.6.14
Photo Credit: Stacie Joy

Sincerely Yours at our Tarot Show 5.2.15
Photo Credit: Stacie Joy

Marinara Stardust at our Byotch We are nine show 4.2.16
Photo Credit: Stacie Joy

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