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Hertje Brodersen  Hunting abandoned seats for the #misplacedchairgallery and whatever else I find along the way. Berlin.



Flowers, abstract and artificial. (If you're ever in the area, I strongly recommend taking a look at St. Gallus church in Neugalmsbüll - it's very pretty, despite the fake flowers.)

Running with sheep.

Fifty shades darker. #misplacedchairgallery

Hiding / Fading. #misplacedchairgallery

For once, an English translation is longer than the German word: (Life) saving appliances. #basicgermanwords #germangemütlichkeit #imonaboat

Construction site. #misplacedchairgallery

Not so far away - last weekend in Hamburg. #farawayassignment

Companionable silence. #misplacedchairgallery

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