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🍴 featured album: @hitbargain’s Potential Maximizer. Comprised of current and former members of The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Cold Beat, North Highlands, These Are Powers, and Beach Fossils, the Los Angeles art-punk outfit combine hardcore sensibilities with confrontational performance art and political aggression. Following their self-released EP in 2016, the band wrote Potential Maximizer separately, regrouping to record while singer Nora Singh was six months pregnant. Songs deal with gender and power dynamics, "taking you beyond the visceral thrills of punk while still indulging in them,” says Noisey. Stream it ahead of release this week on @buzzrecords. Photo by @taylorboylston.

🥀 featured album: Knock Hard by New York songwriter, producer, and visual artist @susannahleecutler as Yours Are the Only Ears. Raised in a family of musicians, Cutler taught herself guitar at a young age and developed musical storytelling in high school as a means of emotional relief. The last few years have seen her grow as a live performer in Brooklyn and earn a degree in textile design amidst personal and peripheral trauma. The culmination of this is a compelling collection of whispered folk songs that "cut into the intimacies and anxieties of modern life," says Pitchfork. Stream it this week ahead of its release on @team_love_records. Link in bio. Photo by @allyssary.

🙂 featured album: Parallel Person by @varsitytunes. The Chicago five-piece jokingly characterize their music as "too cute for the punks, too raw for the bubble-gummers." Formed in 2013 by singer-keyboardist Stephanie Smith, the band has developed their indie-pop sound—sweet melodies, cathartic guitar riffs, heart-on-sleeve lyrics—across digital singles, EPs, and cassettes, sharing bills with the likes of Alvvays and Courtney Barnett. Here they navigate the hurdles of isolation and creative frustrations with their most cohesive and compelling work to date. Stream it this week ahead of release on @babecityrecords. Link in bio.

👁 streaming ahead of its release this week: @rivalconsoles’ Persona. London-based producer Ryan Lee West mirrors the complexity of human emotions through cathartic electronic music. His fourth LP, Persona, is an exploration of identity. West uses analog synthesizers and heavily effected acoustic and electric instruments to render a visceral mix of ambient and propulsive soundscapes. It’s out on longtime label @erasedtapesrecords. Link in bio. Art and photo by @ozgecone.

🌫 featured album: @air_waves’ Nicole Schneit prefaces her band's third full-length with the following: “I want these songs to be heard by people in my queer community, but also by anyone that wants to feels strong, powerful, and included.” The Brooklyn-based artist named this collection of hopeful indie pop songs about overcoming obstacles after her mother, who faced cancer head-on last year. Armed with poignant lyrics and bittersweet melodies (recalling the work of past collaborators Lower Dens), Schneit presents Warrior as reassurance, an expression of empowerment amidst today's distressing political climate. It's out on @westernvinyl. Link in bio. Photo by @ebruyildiz.

📡 streaming this week: the new album from Montreal electronic pop duo Young Galaxy. For the last decade, Catherine McCandless and Stephen Ramsay have gained waves of acclaim (including three Polaris Music Prize nominations) and a career's worth of insight. Ahead of their sixth LP, Down Time, they stepped back from the industry and took stock. The outcome, their first self-release, is a statement of independence and reinvention. McCandless hopes the "powers and vulnerabilities" found in these dreamy, defiant compositions may serve as "a balm or even anecdote" to the prevailing atmosphere of corruption, isolation, and despair. Subversive work in which to submerge. Link in bio.

🔮 streaming this week: @ericaeso’s new album, 129 Dreamless GMG. The NYC-based art-pop ensemble expands its sound in myriad directions, shifting from bedroom experimentation to live band arrangements and collaborative improvisations. Self-described as “femmed-out microtonal synth-pop,” the conceptually-loaded album traverses genres, touching on Krautrock and dreamy R&B before landing somewhere more abstract. It's out on @nnatapes. Link in bio. Photos by @theo.cote.

🍬 streaming early this week, the self-titled debut from @quiet__friend. Joined by a number of collaborators, the duo navigate intimacy, social anxiety, and queer identity through honest and elegant indie-pop. Their sound is indebted to hi-fi greats like Prefab Sprout and The Blue Nile, as well as the experimental pop of Arthur Russell. It's out on @elestialsound. Link in bio. Artwork by @brianvu. Photo by @danieldorsa.

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🎼 streaming this week: @renatazeiguer’s debut LP, Old Ghost. The New York-based songwriter describes her full-length debut—a collection of bright, melodic indie pop—as a coming-of-age album. It’s out on @northernspyrecs. Link in bio. Photo by @christopherswane.

✨ featured this week: Gemini II, the new album from Portland-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist @johahahanna. Intricate, elegant folk music which blends confessional storytelling and occult symbolism. Out on @spirithouserecords. Photos by @marleemeghanbanta.

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