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Mark of the wolf; to some it is an honor, to others it is their death.

Stay Alive. (Translation: Fight to live.)
Challenge Accepted.

I have had many people approach me over the years and ask me why I go by wolf. A majority of them seem to brush it off as another nickname, some random thing I go by. However, behind my name is a powerful meaning. It is to me, at least; and I hope those that are reading will understand.
Throughout my years I have fought through what some people tend to call hell itself. People call me Wolf for the families I have made, the friends I have gained- a "pack." I've lost brothers and sisters, I've lost people I have looked up to, people I considered my own blood. I have stories that I could tell for days and days on end, I have carried my own weight as well as the weight of others for many years.
I have never once thought about changing my name, because to me, the name wolf stands for a warrior- a fighter. One who fights back against everything and everyone that tries to knock them down. I carry this name on my shoulders in honour of the people I have lost and gained, in memory of everything I have been through, in memory of all the wars I have fought and won. Hyp3r.Wolf is me, it is who I am. It is apart of my identity, and this will never change.

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