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Sarah  ✨10/17/96 👼🏻 @keevvinnjin 🎓 UCLA | Senior 🕺🏻Koreos | Dancer 😻 @melojuno.purrr Email📩 sarahchi385@gmail.com ✨ 🥝SMILE🥝

@nct127 #Regular 🖤 I’m in love with this song t-t I’m so excited to learn the full song!

I’m wearing @danielwellington ‘s new #dwclassicbracelet ❤️ use my code “SARAHCHI” online and in store for 15% of your purchase at #danielwellington !

@hf_dreamcatcher #WHAT 🤟🏻
dreamcatcher is so girlcrush😎 I love the 1st chorus more than others just cuz of Siyeon’s finger point☝🏻moves - it looks so cool⭐️ Which chorus do you like more?

@girlsgeneration Oh!GG (Lil’ Touch) 🎀
This was in the final top 3 of the song requests! I had so much fun learning the top 3 requests (and @wm_ohmygirl 😍), so thank you for your input everyone❤️ I’ll be covering more songs from the request list even though I said I would only do three because I had too much fun learning these pieces🤣 Stay put!
@taeyeon_ss @yoona__lim @yulyulk @515sunnyday @watasiwahyo

🚨 @miyayeah #SIREN 🚨@liakimhappy choreography
This song was one of the top requests (1/3 done!) Thank you guys for suggesting this song - I had a lot of fun learning and filming it❤️ My video of the 2nd song request will be out on @keevvinnjin ‘s insta soon so stay put🐸

@wm_ohmygirl #불꽃놀이 #RememberMe ✨This song is my favorite song at the moment! It was not one of the top responses from my survey but I really fell in love with this song after hearing it so I couldn’t wait to cover it😍 It’s been a while I got so excited about so many comebacks at once! Please stay put for more covers this week❤️ Thank you!

I have been taking a small break from dancing for two days, and it already made me realize how much I love dancing❤️ Sometimes you need an absence of something to realize its value again
p.s Some people pointed out that I look really tired on our Idol public dance and I’m very sorry about it :( I had filming 10hours the night before, practiced Idol for 2hours, did casting for rumor for 1 hour and slept at 5am doing work 😢 I will try to manage my life better and stay healthy so I look fully energized when dancing!

I call this a hella-serious-performance version of practice xD Two filmings this weekend💕hurhur
Who’s going to @bts.bighitofficial concert in LA on SUNDAY?!

did a really quick @bts.bighitofficial Idol challenge with ma homie @ennnyaaaa 💕
feels nice to dance together again hehe

me and @keevvinnjin couldnt sleep after such a hype song dropped so we decided to spontaneously learn and film “Idol” at 3am 🤣 @bts.bighitofficial you never disappoint us😍❤️ #trueidol

My instagram feed is all @official_g_i_dle ! I watched this dance soooo much because I’m in LOVE😍 Do you guys also like this song and dance?✨
#gidle #alone #hann #한 #아이들 #soyeon #soojin #yuqi #minnie #shuhua #miyeon #kpopdancecover #dancecover #coverdance #kdance #kcover #kpopdance #춤스타그램 #kpopidols #cube #hyuna #tripleh #clc

kpop should have more ratchet songs like this 😢❤️ this song’s been stuck in my head for a long time! I finally got to learn the dance, and much respect to @official.firstbite because this dance is HARD T-T i practiced for hours but i can’t make it look good :c but i love the song and choreo so much😍 full M/V and mirrored practice video is on firstbite’s YT channel!
#kpopdancecover #dancecover #coverdance #kpop #kpopidol #firstbite #moveover #비켜 #댄스타그램 #dance #dancer #choreography #original #bts #twice #blackpink

I was extremely fortunate to perform a dance medley for Chungha👑✨@chungha_official
It was such a fun experience with @terrysongtv and thanks @collab for putting together such an awesome event!

I rarely freeze during a dance performance but I’m sure I froze for at least good 4 counts in the beginning when I could see her so close and hear her say “Wow” to our performance. I kept having to look at the camera instead of her in order to breathe and dance properly😭
I really cannot describe with words how I felt at the time. Chungha is the inspiration for my dance career and dancing in front of my bias/role model was the most breathtaking challenge ever.
Her dancing with us while we performed, her worried face about our knees doing Rollercoaster dance, her hug and her smile in this picture shall remain forever in my heart. Thank you for being the drive of my life❤️ love u
I’ll be editing the official video of this performance and Chungha’s reaction for @koreosucla ‘s channel after KCON, so stay put✨
p.s She’s so gorgeous omg

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