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hyo ✿ (semi hiatus till nov!!)  hyo // 18 // gemini // singapore // cosplayer ♡ code for 5% off 8-Bitique: HYO5

back from my semi-hiatus due to exams with an arcade mf costest !!! the cos is HUGE so i have a lot of alterations to do eek

HHHHH UR SO CUTE OMG THANKS FOR TODAYYY hope to see u more at other conventions aaaaaaaa

if i were to make coscards, would anyone actually want them from me??? also!! should i use arabian maki or bunny rem? // 📷: Nixon Ng

not sure if im going for doujinma but if i do, it’ll probs be onimatsuri rem or kitty kat!!

kitty kat costest !! the cos is really big so i’ll have to alter it quite a lot :((((

i’ll be getting a new cosplay this friday !! hint hint: its from league ;))) // 📷: Takugraphy // @taku_motoji

ah yes the vv much forgotten best gril bc i have no time to do more shoots till maybe june QQQQQ // 📷: Takugraphy / @taku_motoji

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR 1K AAAAAA ((inb4 people unfollow when i post this eek)) i never thought i’d get this far??? bc during afa 2016 i had like, 15 followers and i was embarrassed to give my ig to anyone QQ // 📷: Takugraphy / @taku_motoji

yanno uh,, yesterday i was gonna post this and be like “hey guys!! i’ll be more active now!!! owait april fools QQ” but i actually forgot sO UH ??? ITS ME. I AM THE APRIL FOOLS JOKE.

hey guys !! i’d just like to make an announcement that bc this is my final year, i won’t be updating as often QAQ mostly bc i dont rly have time to cosplay much?? but i’ll still try and go for as many events as i cannnnn

yae sakura costest aaaaaaa MY WAIFUUU sorry i havent updated much bc school is hardddd QAQ

eeek ive been so busy that i havent done many shoots at all??? but luckily march hols are coming up HAHAHA i just hope that i dont have too much work QAQ // 📷: Takugraphy @taku_motoji

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