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Hydra Head  Independent record label since 1995. (US webshop: hydrahead.merchtable.com ) (Euro webshop: eu.kingsroadmerch.com/hydra-head-records/ )

The Overlord has landed! PHARAOH OVERLORD "Zero" LP/CD - preorder now - link in profile. This is the latest massive missive of death infused psychedelic cosmic jams from Finland's finest. The core is the instrumental backbone of Circle, with vocals performed by Antti Boman of Demilich and keys by Hans Joachim Irmler of Faust. No finer head trip available anywhere. Strap yourself to the rocket and get ready.... sound clips via Ektro Records soundcloud. Thank you. #pharaohoverlord #zero #hydrahead #demilich #faust

One of the dumber things Hydra Head did was saying NO to releasing this masterpiece on vinyl when we were asked about it some many years ago. Whoops.

The ISIS “Mosquito Control” LPs are in and came out quite nicely, if we do say so ourselves. The debossing on the cover feels reeeaaaal nice, and the colored vinyls sure are pretty. A few copies of the limited colors are currently available in our webstore - clear, clear/red and clear/black. Might we suggest you purchase one or the complete set? Yes, please do. Purchase link in profile. Thank you. #isistheband #mosquitocontrol #hydrahead

Your OVERLORD has returned - PHARAOH OVERLORD!! "Zero" LP & CD .... NOW!! P R E - O R D E R !! Link in profile.... Thank you!! #pharaohoverlord #zero #hydrahead #faust #demelich

Oh did we mention THIS?!? OXBOW's 2017 masterpiece "Thin Black Duke" has been repressed, including a small edition on white vinyl. Looks great, sounds great, just like the band who made it. Link to purchase in profile. And: in case you hadn't heard, the album was listed on countless "best of 2017" lists from numerous outlets including The Guardian, Metal Sucks, The Quietus, Rolling Stone, etc. So, if you haven't yet obtained this incredible piece of work, now is the time. Thank you and, you're welcome. #oxbow #thinblackduke #hydrahead #alwaysdapper #alwaysrightontime

We are happy to announce “Zero” the new album by Finnish overlords…. Pharoah Overlord - due out in March on Hydra Head/Ektro. Hear the first track from the forthcoming album via the link in our profile. This time the Overlord core is augmented by Antti Boman (of death metal warpsmiths Demelich) on vocals, and Hans Joachim Irmler of Faust on keyboards. It’s the soothing yet terifying psych-Kraut-death masterpiece you’ve been waiting for. Rejoice, for the Lord has returned! #pharaohoverlord #demelich #faust #hydrahead #ektro

Until Jan 1st: Hydra Head CDs ARE ONLY $3 in our webshop. Hot licks. Cool tricks. Slick digital fidelity. It’s the new frontier of sound you can hold in your hands. And shiny!! Link in profile. Thank you. #CDs #libraryofsound #newfor2018


Hello Hydra Friends™, In your post Christmas stupor (with your normally prudent judgment temporarily impaired), might we convince you to spend some of your newly and ill-gotten Xmas funds on our line of wonderful products? From Dec 26 - Jan 1 only we are offering some extra-special deals through our webstore - they are as follows: ALL* Hydra Head CDs are $3 - ALL import CDs are $5 - a large selection of LPs are $10 - and a large selection of 2xLPs are $12. Additionally we are offering 10% on ALL garments. You can buy, listen to and wear items from such modern luminaries as: Cave In, Botch, Xasthur, Lustmord, Nhill, Jesu, Jodis, Keelhaul, Circle, Harvey Milk, Kayo Dot, Daughters, Khanate, Old Man Gloom, and many, many more. So head on down to our well-stocked, well-curated and deeply discounted Merchtable webstore. We guarantee you won’t regret it - at least not until your week-long eggnog binge has run its course. We appreciate your impulsive online shopping AND your moral support.

Thank you,

Team Hydra™

One of several new ISIS merch options generated in tandem with the pre-order for the “Mosquito Control” LP reissue. Monotype image by the awesome @joaquindead. This version of the design is the cryptic-don’t-want-to-get-hassled-in-public one. There is the more blatantly-ISIS version for those that may be looking to strike up interesting conversations on the subway. Link to purchase in profile. Thank you. #isistheband #wearisisinpublicchallenge2017 #mosquitocontrol #hydrahead

Available for pre-order today: ISIS “Mosquito Control” reissue LP + merchandise - via the Hydra Head and ISIS webshops. Remastered for vinyl and featuring new design/packaging. Link in profile. Available in Europe via Kings Road: https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/hydra-head-records/ . Thank you. #isistheband #mosquitocontrol #hydrahead

CD PACKS ARE BACK! LOTSA MUSIC FOR NOT LOTSA BUCKS!! 30 full-art Hydra Head CDs for $40 postage paid in the US (postage additional for international orders)!! Discover your new favorite albums from our vast and consistently amazing catalog!! Wowzers!!! The holidaze are almost upon us. You're gonna need a lotta killer tunes to get through it. And maybe some stocking stuffers for the physical media enthusiast in your family. To that end we're going to help you out. We're offering a CD grab box: 30 fully packaged Hydra Head CDs for 40 measly bucks. Cave In, Khanate, Xasthur, Botch, Jesu, Harvey Milk, Old Man Gloom, Daughters, and Gridlink to name but a few of the inclusions. Link in profile. Act now, limited supplies. Limited life span. It's only getting colder..... Thank you.

#hydrahead #lazarusformat #debtmetal #botch #cavein #xasthur #khanate #daughters #jesu #giftideas #help

HYDRA HEAD LP's for SUPERCHEAP!! LP PACKS ARE BACK!!! Attention thrifty shoppers of discerning musical taste: 5 randomly selected Hydra Head LPs or 2xLPs - packed into one box and shipped to you for the low, low price of $28 Postage Paid in the US&A (additional shipping for international customers). These are brand new/unopened vinyl titles carefully selected from our vaults. Please note that some of them have slightly dinged corners and thus their inclusion in this grab box. Here is a listed of the albums included (some on colored vinyl even!) - you are guaranteed 5 titles from these artists, though we can't specify which ones exactly you'll get since the orders were packed at random: CAVE IN, NIHILL, OLD MAN GLOOM, SPLIT CRANIUM, BOTCH, JODIS, DROWNINGMAN, PYRAMIDS, DISCORDANCE AXIS, TORCHE, MAMIFFER, CLOUDS, etc. So, there you go - oh, and: most orders packed with a random CD or two as well. Thank you!

Package weight: 6 pounds. Shipped via Media Mail in the US, via Priority Mail International elsewhere. Link in profile.

#oldmangloom #cavein #discordanceaxis #debtmetal #help #acryforhelp #botch

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