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„ich dachte du bist science-fiction“

love isn‘t always about giving 50/50 - sometimes you have to give 80 percent when the other isn‘t able to give his 50

ich höre selber grade diese melodien

„alles easy - für dich hör' ich sogar cro, shorty“

„I want to entrust my heart, my soul and my fine ass to a man who keeps his word.“ - Marie Jo Schwarz

du guckst ihr nach und du brichst dir den hals

💓 barbie girl 💓

hab‘ 99 probleme, aber keins mit meinem mann

forever and a day - that‘s how long we‘ll be together

roulette - ich setz alles auf rot

a m’foli mu

you run and tell your friends that you‘re leaving me, they say that they don‘t see what you see in me, you wait a couple months than you gon‘ see - you‘ll never find nobody better than me

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