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"Motorcycles have always been a passion and a source of intrigue. Ever since I learned to ride at the age of 10, two wheels always made more sense than 4, irrespective of the argument. And then, in November of last year, I decided to make a ride, solo, through #Goa, stop in Pune, #Bombay, return through #Hampi and finally be back home after couple weeks. Sunrises and sunsets on the open road are spectacular sights, and I’d witnessed a few over the past few days. This is a little different. Something about sunsets and hills. Having just witnessed the start of another spectacular sunset past the Lonavla Ghat, I pulled up to rest and watch her set over the hills. And with the open road ahead, the ear-to-ear smile overcomes the tired eyes." "The 2nd picture is of when I stopped for Chai at 7 in the morning in the middle of nowhere. On the road from 3.30AM, in the freezing cold, pitch darkness and barely any road. And, what’s worse? You can’t really stop. Coz, there isn’t anywhere to! And then this Chai shop appeared, the sun rose, and I got one of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve seen, ever! And a few more sunrises and sunsets. C’est Magnifique! It’s moments like these that make the open road my home. To wandering and beyond!" 🍻 #hwyriderstories #hwyrider #wanderer #motorcyclerentals #truestories #twowheels #makememories #roadtrip

Single Cylinder, twin cylinder or no cylinder, we at times explore thru the strength of our legs too! #hwyrider #explore #sunrise #ride #rideislife #earlymornings #motorcyclerentals #cyclerentals #rentals #twowheels #cycling #biking #makememories

Thank you @tripjodi for the mention. You guys are doing great and will definitely go places.. Glad we could be of service 👍

I travel at my own pace and whenever I plan to head some place I just leave. I am riding solo mostly, and whenever I had a chance I have gone on group rides too. Group rides are fun, but solo is special. I was visiting south India for the first time in 2015, learning yoga in Mysore. My name is Ivan, “I am from Russia and I loved bikes from childhood. I was curious to visit India and to know better about the country and culture. Several years ago these two points of interests were connected and I had my first bike trip to India. On bike is most convenient way to travel in India, and I guess in most parts of the World. At some point it became a part of my life and my work also. And I think It’s a work of dream.” While on tour, I do not compromise on my safety and freedom. Both are important to me. I mean, “what is the point in freedom if you are not safe enough.” And also, always be prepared for unexpected turn of events. While on a group trip to Badami, we had an incident where my fellow rider's motorcycle had a minor brush against another motorcycle. Being an alien in a foreign land, we were in a murky situation, I was preparing myself for the worst. Luckily for us the situation died down after we agreed to pay the damages. It may not turn out always as expected, but my advice is to remain calm and talk it out if that could be. India is a vast expanse and I am torn between many places I haven’t visited yet, places like Rajasthan, Punjab, Gujrat, the North eastern parts I am eagerly waiting to explore. I have been to most parts of southern India and up north I have driven on merciless roads of Spiti Valley and Leh Ladakh. Himalayas are beautiful, but Himalayas on a bike is magical. The mesmerizing beauty of this country has an intoxicating effect on your mind. But the most memorable of all the experiences I’ve had is while riding in Spiti, HP when my motorcycle stopped between Batal and Chandra Taal without any visible reason. With no help in sight I had to wait for an empty truck, but help arrived after waiting for sometime and we left for Kaza.
In the picture its me and Bindu but I prefer to call her Egor, meaning “warrior archer” in Russian. #hwystories

Be happy. Be successful. Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Ugadi!

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(2/2)“I also stumbled upon shettihalli church also known as the drowning church. The Church was built in 1860 by French Missionaries.The Church left abandoned after the construction of the hemavathi dam. A tourist spectacle now, for people who gather to see the half submerged church during monsoon. It was a memorable birthday. It is a must visit I must say. The one pictured above is the Church.”⛪ Where is the farthest place you've travelled in a motorcycle? Any advice for such long trips?
“Two trips comes to my mind, one is when I rode with my batch mates from rishikesh to Mana village. And another when I rode solo from Bangalore to Kodaikanal through ooty and coonoor. I did not make it to the final destination (but almost :p) in both case so don't exactly know which one was longer .
The long trip is gonna strain your body and mind so be prepared for it. You gotta find the right bike for you with a comfortable seating position. Don't go by your friends suggestion find which one suits you. jackets, gloves and hard toed shoes obviously makes your life easier. Get ample sleep during the trip. Check the bike to make sure it's in great condition (don't forget to check the headlamps and tail lights ). Ride out of cities early morning to avoid heavy traffic. Let me stress up on the importance of sleep again, you don't want to ride when you feel droopy, it will end disastrously. Also, never compromise on your safety. The protective gears these days hardly cause any inconvenience. Given that, not using them is pretty stupid I would say."
Along the way, he plans to explore the North eastern parts of India. “I have never been to the north-east and what better way to explore it than on a motorcycle. The landscape is amazing with rich flora and fauna. This is one in my bucket list I want to accomplish as soon.” #hwyrider #hwyriderstories #realriders #realstories #ridingislife #motorcyclediaries #motorcyclerentals #solo #travel #nammakarnataka #incredibleindia #truestories #soloriders #bikerentals

Pt (1/2)“I am a PhD student working on insects and have been in Bangalore for the past four years. Bangalore is a city that has numerous ways to spend your time and money with its glamourous city life. But occasionally I do miss the green mountains, whispering seas and misty waterfalls.”
“My favourite part of the touring is of course getting lost and stumbling upon things that are not in my itinerary or on the map. A hill covered with mist, a lake swarming with dragonflies and birds, a magical starry night, a church that drowns every year, seeing snow for the first time, the list goes on and on.”
Abin’s love for insects helped him ride out solo on a motorcycle more often. “I have always preferred riding solo, I mean the whole point of biking is to reach your destination at your own pace and with enough loitering around. Groups tend to have riders with different philosophy about a trip and in the back of your head there is always the concern regarding whether the group is keeping up or are they ok. I always tend to ride as the last person during such scenarios. Also solo riding is an avenue for exploring yourself. You as a person is riding in to this unknown trail, with numerous obstacles being thrown at you and there is something unusually satisfying about pushing yourself through all this. Also solo trips means you can show the awesome pics you took during the trip to your friends and brag about it,” he says. 😁  The best story I have for you – “there was this time when I decided to ride to Coorg for my birthday. It was supposed to be an easy ride where I reach coorg and spend the night there. The bike started giving me trouble as I was about to reach Hassan. So I had to stop at Hassan, a city that hardly got my attention ever. Next day I had to wait for the service centre to get the bike back in shape. So I decided to roam around a bit. I slowly learned a bit about the history of Hassan and visited some of the old temples there. They showcase brilliant ancient architecture.”
#hwyrider #hwyriderstories #realriders #realstories #ridingislife #motorcyclediaries #motorcyclerentals #solo #travel #nammakarnataka #incredibleindia #truestories #soloriders #bikerental.

A solo backpacker, thrill seeker and a man who enjoys his freedom. Yes, for him it's all about freedom. On the road for 3 months, covering a total of 6000kms, visiting places in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Goa. Meet Farhan Muhammed, from Kerala, India. An entrepreneur, living in the Middle East now. He is Passionate about travelling, photography and riding. He says, “When you go on a solo ride, you get time to know yourself, who you are, what you are capable of, and how strong you are. For me a ride is always full of uncertainties. You are basically free to go wherever you want, whenever you want, despite the suitability of your fellow riders or your companion. And I am sure its fun the other way too, but I personally choose to ride solo.” “For me, rides are always meant to find peace within me, to find myself. To feel the wind, to bask in the sunshine, to soak in the rain, to see the shining stars and the open skies.” His suggestion however for a safe long road trips is to utilise the sunlight as much as possible, and take rest in the night. Start before sunrise and end by sunset. And take all the safety measures, the most important never miss to wear a helmet.
Do you have a story of a time something went wrong but turned out for the best? “Well something that turned out the best was, when I was on a trip to Hampi, I started from Bangalore and on the way I lost my route., I reached somewhere in the middle of a village, with the most beautiful locale. Well that was not all, I had a punctured tyre, and there was not even a single tyre shop I could find. With no hotels in sight, a kind old women allowed me to stay at her house, had an amazing experience cooking roti with her, listening to her life stories." That is an unforgettable memory for me. I stayed back two more days to explore more of it, and every bit of the place was so beautiful and returning to Bangalore with no pictures of historical monuments of Hampi, but an old women's beautiful smiling face and her village. “At the end of it, it’s all about happiness!” #hwyrider #hwystories #ridetolive #realriders #realstories #motorcyclestories #rentals #Himalayan #makelifearide

"Do not let anyone tell you you're weak because you're a women." - Mary Kom

If anyone does, just BOX them! Happy Women's day to all you brave and beautiful women out there.
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