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Hwu Yung  MY🇲🇾-->UK🇬🇧 || Medical Student || COYG || University of Nottingham 🏛 || Part Time Barista ☕️

Kinda just put everything together for this one but hey ho here’s Vietnam in 90 seconds! (91 seconds if you’re being technical with me) Full vid on my IGTV! ✨

Fell into a paddy field and got drenched in rainwater for this picture 🏔

Two cousins about to drop the hottest album yet, “Kami Pishang” 🔥 stay tuned

So I did a thing. 🔥 Full vid on IGTV 😚💯🔥

Perhentian was a dream. 🌿☀️

1 year with you has been great, here’s to many more 😚💯

• Malaysian Medical Summit 2018 •

Easily one of the most fulfilling things I’ve done this summer. The process of organising, then executing a summit of such a scale and magnitude has certainly been a very humbling experience.
That aside, meeting new people and making new and great friends is always a great bonus! Kudos to everyone who worked their butts off to make this happen!

Always a great day with this bunch 🌿

Gonna miss hikes like these when summer’s over 🌿 (swipe to end for a cringey surprise)

Ya boi was at Parliament 💯 Even got the chance to meet Lembah Pantai MP @fahmifadzil.1 ! ‘Twas a great experience 🔥

Just Spartan things 🔥🔥 Two blisters, skin torn from fingers and cramped up legs but I guess medals and a T-shirt is pretty rad too 💯💯

Another day, another hiking adventure! 🌿🌿

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