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Back in February 1992 I was making fake badges and sneaking into the Gavin convention in San Francisco to sell weed and listen to new hip hop. I met a couple guys who took a liking to me and asked if I understood where I was, I said “yeah, selling you weed.” They quickly schooled me on the potential opportunities in the music industry for somebody with my hustle. Not knowing me from nothing said “If you come to NYC we will get you an internship at a record label.” Had no clue what that was but knew College wasn’t for me and this was a golden opportunity. I saved up $2000 and drove 3000 miles to NYC with a couple friends. These guys brought me in like family, let me sleep on their couches, and hang out with them........
I was told to come by @diamondditc video shoot to speak with the head of radio promotions, i was given the internship right there on the set of “Best Kept Secret” with Anthony Mason dunking in the background..... I don’t know why you offered but I am forever grateful to @jamiesongrillo and Albee Ragusa for taking a chance on this kid #AlbeeRagusa 🙏🏼
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Happy 26th Anniversary @diamondditc for your “Best Kept Secret” single (8/18/1992) ! I am very honored and thankful that I had the opportunity to promote this 12” #vinyl to radio! #diamondandthepsycoticneurotics #DiamondD #bestkeptsecret #12inchvinyl #single #26thanniversary #pwlamericarecords #collegeradio #mixshow #promotions

You did it! I haven’t had anyone in my life that has inspired me to follow my dreams more than you. To be unwavering in the pursuit of passion and have the utmost trust in your vision, even when those around you can’t see it. To never take no as NO but as a stepping stone you crush into smooth pavement you use to create your own path. Keep doing what they say you can’t. Keep being first. Keep standing on your pedals. Most of all, keep inspiring by being YOU. #SOMP💪🏼
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The first to ever touch the Jumpman logo on a BMX bike. Release info coming soon. @jumpman23 shot: @ralphyramos #JordanBikingCo #GOmode

Today, August 12th, we celebrate 18 years strong (really 24 but we’ll stick with wedding date). We have gone through life’s tests but we’re still here, inseparable. We both know in our hearts we complete each other, you are the yin to my yang. We have recently made some big changes to set ourselves up for the next chapter, looking forward to what life brings our way. Blessed to be on this journey together, I love you 😍

EPISODE 3 of @maskoffpod featuring @wayno119 is live. If you don’t know him, take a listen to hear his journey. #SoundCloud link in bio or subscribe via apple podcast

Everyday I awake I find time to do a morning meditation to clear all of my energy from yesterday and to set intentions for the day ahead. If gives me a chance to center my myself and think of all of the things I GET, not have, to do today. #BeThankful #EverydayIsA Blessing

OTR 2 Club Carter for date night in Philly. #AboutLastNight #latergram #ShoutsToThePlug 🔌

Niagara Falls vibes ❤️ 📷: @nevthereb

Now Streaming: @maskoffpod Episode 1 featuring @scottiebeam @alldaydaoyi & @reallifekaz and Episode 2 (pt 1 & 2) featuring @krondon. (Link in bio) #Podcast #MentalHealth #Mindfulness #SelfAwareness


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New Episode is live! Part 2 of the conversation with @krondon. #MaskOffPod
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Before you guess below: I’m moving and have about 4 boxes of each issue I need to get rid of, anyone know where I can donate?
Who can match the cover with the artist?
@fujiwarahiroshi x @takashipom

I started the first episode of @maskoffpod by revealing my real name. I used “Hawaii” Mike as a shield, a persona to show everyone what I thought they wanted to see from me and to hide any emotional issues I was dealing with. In the long run it didn’t help, it isolated me and didn’t allow me to heal. As I opened up and shared my experiences I understood I wasn’t alone, I just wasn’t talking to anyone about it cause I didn’t want to seem weak or vulnerable. So wrong, it’s really the stronger person that IS able to share, to open up to their family and friends, and ask for help if needed.
Maybe I’m not the right person. Maybe you all just aren’t used to hearing me talk about these things and it feels uncomfortable. I’m not an expert, just someone you know who believes we should be able to talk about life openly, and by having conversations with my friends hoping that will inspire you to do the same. And if you ever need someone to listen and talk to, feel free to hit me, cause you can’t heal what you don’t reveal. 🙏🏼 #MaskOffPod #MentalHealth #Mindfulness #SelfAwareness

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