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"Hawaii" Mike Salman  Chef For Higher #ChefForHigher #DoYouFlyPrivate


Nothing can stop us we’re all the way up! 👆🏼Best friends, husband & wife @stephanie.salman and pioneers of our wave 🌊
#Repost @chefforhigher
1/18/18, back at it like what?! Locked in, reloaded and ready to kick the year off at our first CFH Supper Club of 2018. We have a lot in store for our community, new ideas we’re going to bring to life, more cities, more events, including the cooking classes that you all have been requesting. Membership has it’s privileges, not a member yet, hit us up find out how… 🙌🏼👊🏼🙏🏼 📷: @nash1sh #DoYouFlyPrivate #CFHSupperClub #ChefLife #Dining #Social Club #Cannabis #cannabiscommunity

When I was first told to Surrender, l said, “fuck that, I’m not giving up, I’m going to keep fighting.” It sounded weak, like I was raising the white flag. But it’s this reaction, the fight, the resistance to accept things you cannot change, that creates negative feelings. I can’t change anything that has happened, to be ok with that, takes strength, so surrendering in this way is being strong. Our power is not in controlling everything around us, it’s in our ability to accept what is and cope with what life throws our way. flow like water. #Mindfulness

I want to share my exploration in mindfulness to open up the conversation around mental health. It took me a while to start because my inner critic would say I wouldn’t do it right or I would look stupid, make any excuse to not take care of self. I had to take it back to the essence of life: Breathing. Breathing in (inhale) is the first thing we do when we’re born. Breathing out (exhale) is the last thing we do before death. Breath is LIFE. Most of us, myself included, took breathing for granted. Coherent breathing was my first step on my journey. I started with 1 minute, 6 months later I’m up to 20-26 minutes of breathing + 20 minutes of meditation which I practice every morning, or find time later in the day if my schedule changes, and that is ok too. If it helps, I use @insight which is a great tool, and FREE....................
Mental Health isn’t something our community talks about but is prevalent, lets change this, lets shift the culture, and lets do it together. #Mindfulness #SelfAwareness

I learned the rules of magazine production at The Source. I broke the rules when I produced my own publication, LTD Magazine. Every cover was art, never people, created by our main feature (you might know a couple names, google the ones you don’t). Anyone remember LTD, one of these issues? 🤔 #TBT #LTDMagazine #Streetwear #Publishing

The two that got away. The infamous The Source AF1 🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙. I was working on this shoe as promo for staff, but we ended up getting a new editor-in-chief and that was the start of the downfall, but that’s another story. I wound up exiting @thesource right around the date on this box, needless to say these were never made.............................
The second pair, Terminator Low, was the new iteration since I left to start LTD Magazine. My people were loyal, it wasn’t for the brand, it was for the culture. The factory messed up on this sample, the right shoe was supposed to say Nike so it would read LTDxNike 🤦🏽‍♂️ (so close yet so far) I forget why these didn’t come out, I think my guy got a new gig or let go. #theList

Cleaning up for the New Year, finding some gems. These next few posts will be dedicated to #TheList. Since I was a kid I always loved sneakers, style overall, but shoes stood out. Back in 1998, we didn’t have many places to see kicks before they came out, so I begged my man @cee_wild to let me do a sneaker column in The Source Sports (sports spinoff of @thesource) magazine. I had to navigate my way to find the contacts at each company, no websites, no google search, no twitter or IG, had to really figure it out. Finally made headway, and at first, companies would only send samples to shoot, like one side. Once they saw we were for real, the question of all questions was asked: WHAT’S YOUR SIZE? A few days later these joints arrived, a Promo Sample of The Zoom Seismic (the 2nd pair was the Jordan XIV, OG not retro). This was before seeding programs, when entertainment divisions only worked with wardrobe departments on sets of tv shows and movies, no “influencer” seeding either. We would get our seeded pairs from the Product Managers. While this is still the case, the majority if pairs that get gifted come from PR and Influencer marketing, and was really limited, not just called Limited Edition. #BeenInThisGameForYears #TheListBeforeTheList #1998

2017 was a, as cliche as it sounds, mid-life wake up call. I knew I had to adjust my approach to life, to nurture my mind, body and soul. I was determined to realign everything starting with my mind. In order to change my bad habits (neglect) and create new good habits. This is my morning ritual, I started by adding one thing at a time before and after a good habit, brushing my teeth. What I found is that once I committed each habit became not only easier but something I looked forward to everyday. You can too by starting, at your own pace, adding good habits to good habits. Yes it takes commitment, yes you will have to wake up earlier, yes you won’t want to some days but keep going, after all it is FOR YOU. 💪🏼🙏🏼

2017 was a year in reflection, nurturing, family and finding my true passion. #TwentyTwoTwos #RIPP #RIPProdigy #DoYouFlyPrivate

Big Bro,
We celebrated your life at your services yesterday. The vibes and energy were so positive, the words spoken so true, you will be missed, but trust, you will live forever. In your time you made a mark stronger than most, not only reaching, but inspiring more than you ever imagined. You’re dedication, strength and honor in family resonated throughout the day, the men talked about how much they respect and admired that about you. Your team (was in suits, you would have had mad jokes) will continue to #RaiseTheBar and build on the foundation you laid. I will #RaiseTheBar and I promise to “just start” like you used to always tell me. I hope you’re with P, you got that new Submariner you ordered, keep pushing the culture forward! Love you Reggie 🙏🏼 #combatJack #CombatJackForever
#1stballotHipHopHallofFame #1stballotpodcastHallofFame
#CombatCancer #FuckCancer

My boys @kws.ie & @wynnsalmanarts, best present I can get is their presence. Hope everyone got to enjoy quality time with family 🙏🏼💪🏼🙌🏼#HappyHolidaze

Me my whole life. I got into the music biz selling trees. When I was at @thesource I was not only the guy but only office you MIGHT be able to smoke in. Since Cannabis wasn’t legal, I couldn’t embrace it, now that legalization is getting closer I can really focus all my energy towards my passions in cannabis and food via @chefforhigher, 2018 and beyond is going to be fun! #DoYouFlyPrivate #CFHSupperClub #FlyPrivatebyChefForHigher

NYC family, Happy Holidaze! We are hosting The Annual “Holiday Joint” (no not that kind) at Esther & Carol Wednesday.

This year we will be donating unwrapped toys and canned goods to the NY Housing Authority and they are distributing to local families in need...so please bring a donation for entry.

No need to RSVP...just come thru.

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