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"Hawaii" Mike Salman  Host @maskoffpod El Jeffe @chefforhigher Captain #DoYouFlyPrivate

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New Episode is live! Part 2 of the conversation with @krondon. #MaskOffPod
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Before you guess below: I’m moving and have about 4 boxes of each issue I need to get rid of, anyone know where I can donate?
Who can match the cover with the artist?
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I started the first episode of @maskoffpod by revealing my real name. I used “Hawaii” Mike as a shield, a persona to show everyone what I thought they wanted to see from me and to hide any emotional issues I was dealing with. In the long run it didn’t help, it isolated me and didn’t allow me to heal. As I opened up and shared my experiences I understood I wasn’t alone, I just wasn’t talking to anyone about it cause I didn’t want to seem weak or vulnerable. So wrong, it’s really the stronger person that IS able to share, to open up to their family and friends, and ask for help if needed.
Maybe I’m not the right person. Maybe you all just aren’t used to hearing me talk about these things and it feels uncomfortable. I’m not an expert, just someone you know who believes we should be able to talk about life openly, and by having conversations with my friends hoping that will inspire you to do the same. And if you ever need someone to listen and talk to, feel free to hit me, cause you can’t heal what you don’t reveal. 🙏🏼 #MaskOffPod #MentalHealth #Mindfulness #SelfAwareness

Blessed to see another year. 2018 is a personal number 1 year for me which means new beginnings. So for this birthday all I ask is to help start a new conversation in our community and get the @MaskOffPod off the ground. Let’s show the strength and influence hip hop has to create positive change in our society. Together we can shift the culture around mental health. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
The 2nd episode features my man Marvin Jones III aka @krondon from @dccomics @cw_blacklightning. Tune in and follow @maskoffpod and Subscribe, listen, share, comment, like! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 @itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/mask-off-podcast/id1402346621?mt=2
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Happy Sunday! If you haven’t already, check out my new podcast @maskoffpod featuring @krondon. Listen, share, comment on #itunes #googleplay #soundcloud #maskoffpod #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #Podcast

Now streaming, NEW @MASKOFFPOD episode featuring @KRONDON. I’ve known this man for 20+ years but hearing him tell his life journey changes perspective. Becoming a father at 14, finding out “it ain’t too much crime I can do looking this way,” to hip hop being gospel and going from intern to being hired to do west coast promotions at @defjamrecords, and this is just part 1. Catch us on #itunes #googleplay #soundcloud #Podcast #MaskOffPod

Had a terrible day but getting this new episode out for you to listen to in time for the holiday made up for it. Love it, hate it, as long as you listen and talk about it I want to hear your feedback. 🙏🏼
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*NEW EPISODE* Mask Off #2: Krondon pt. 1 “I never looked back”
In this episode, @hwmk sits with rapper, actor, and friend, @krondon for a deep-dive into his upbringing in South Central LA. Krondon talks about his parents, how Albinism is a gift and him being a “habitual odd defyer.” Hit the link in the bio and subscribe, like it, rate, comment, share. #MaskOffPod #MentalWealth #MentalHealth #Mindfulness #podcast #SelfAwareness
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SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/maskoffpodcast/mask-off-ep-2-krondon-pt1

The @maskoffpod podcast is not a self-serving vanity project for personal gain, it’s a mission for all of us, I am just putting myself on the line to open up the dialogue. WE ALL go through emotional ups and downs, have traumatic experiences and deal with life, yes, ALL OF US.
I’m calling on all of you, my family, friends, people who follow my account, to take a listen and give feedback, if you don’t want to listen, then post the podcast cause I’m sure some of your followers would appreciate it. If you don’t want to support than I guess we aren’t friends, but if you’re a friend, do what they say friends don’t do in the beggining and support, let’s get the word out that it’s ok, you are not alone and shift the culture around mental health, TOGETHER!
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Serious question, who has a venue in NYC we can use in July? 🤔

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Luau claims victory a few votes. Luckily Luau’s can incorporate BBQ so everyone wins! ANYONE HAVE A DOPE OUTDOOR SPACE IN NYC WE CAN USE? 🤔 #DoYouFlyPrivate #CFHSupperClub #NYC #Luau #BBQ

Welcome to Mask Off, population: All of Us.
Mask Off podcast (@maskoffpod) is here to open up the conversation around mental health, mindfulness, self awareness, and life in general. We shouldn’t feel like we’re alone or wait to until its too late. There is no need to be embarrassed or ashamed about how we feel.
1st episode Link is in bio. Please share, spread the word and let me know what you think. Excited to share all of the episodes we’ve recorded!
Artwork by: @xdesignsforyou
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If there is one post of mine you read, please make it this one. Growing up, my family taught me it’s the stronger person that can express their feelings, not be afraid to be vulnerable and ask for help when needed. I also grew up in hip hop, and in this community, we’re taught to “man up”, “keep your head down” and “keep pushing” or you’re looked at as weak whenever we express those kinds of feelings. But my issue with that is hip hop is the driving force, and dominant voice, of popular culture, we can change the conversation so it isn’t awkward and looked down upon, and instead, embraced and applauded. I mean for real, WE ALL go through life’s ups and downs no matter how successful or how much money you have, we are all susceptible, and trust, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I dealt with anxiety and depression for many years and never spoke to anyone about it, instead I internalized it and “kept it pushing.” Self sabotage set in and I would hold myself back, talk myself out of my dreams and developed an inner critic that made sure of it. When I came out of it and shared my story with friends, pretty much everyone revealed they could relate, either through personal experience or people they knew. I can’t tell you why but something said I could be an agent for change, if my revealing touched so many people imagine what others’ stories could do.
I decided to create the Mask Off podcast (@maskoffpod) as a safe place to share our personal journeys. Through these conversations I am hoping listeners will be able to identify, relate, find comfort and know they’re not alone. Interviews will feature friends of mine from fashion, media, sports, entertainment, creative fields and more, a wide range, cause like I said before, we are all susceptible. Through natural conversation you will hear what my guests have gone through and find some tools and tips you can utilize in your own life.
I am not here to diagnose anyone, I just want to open the dialogue up so we can shift the culture around the topic of mental health and be a relatable voice to our community. I would be honored if you took the time to listen and spread the word, let’s all take the Mask Off. (Link in bio)

As a 19 year old having a kid I was scared to death. Fast forward 25 years you see the scared 19-year old became a proud dad who is a father to these two incredible young men. Life is beautiful. 🙏🏼 Happy Fathers day everyone.

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