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This should have been @maskoffpod episode 1! - @bunb
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This is my friend Bernard Freeman. We met in the music biz while I was at The Source magazine and he was in a group you may have heard of: UGK. I was, and am still, cool with a lot of recording artists but this friendship wasn’t just the industry, we became true friends in real life. Friends to the extent that when we both hit low points in our lives we confided in each other. We had the “you too?” moment where I’m looking at him as legendary rapper Bun B, the underground king, the Trill OG and he’s looking at me as a successful entrepreneur and family man. We both, like most of us do with our friends, assumed the other had it made, wrong. We shared our struggles, our emotions, asked each other for help, and by doing so, it showed us we are not the only ones that go through it, and it’s ok. 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
The original plan for this podcast was to have it hosted by two people, myself and Bun. If we could open up about our life’s journey, be a positive example of friends communicating maybe we could inspire others to do the same. But life happens and the course changes, he focused on recording his album (make sure you cop Return of the Trill) and I stayed on course to bring you this podcast. Both were things that each needed to accomplish and have now brought us back together to do this episode. I had a blast getting to know my friend a little better, who knows, maybe we’ll still do a show together, for now tune in, listen, like, share, comment on MASK OFF EPISODE 6: @bunb. (LINK IN BIO) 📷: @premiumpete
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Say it loud! For most of my life I looked to other people for happiness. Whether that was love from my wife or acceptance from my peers. No matter how much my wife was by my side I would blame my inability to love myself fully on her. If things weren’t “perfect” and I wasn’t happy it was her fault.
Since I didn’t go to college I never felt confident in my skill set because it wasn’t confirmed with a degree. I learned everything hands on by doing it (which looking back now is the best way to do it, for me). Radio promotions, tour management, marketing, lifestyle editor, editor in chief, publisher, agency partner, manager, chef, but no matter what I accomplished, there would be this negative inner dialogue holding me back. ——————————————-
Then I found breathing and meditation. I found a path to quiet my mind, clear my thoughts and wash away all of the negativity I was carrying around. Instead of harboring on what I haven’t done, I can now see, and appreciate, all that I have and accomplished in my career.

I know I am more than the material things I accumulate. I know I will not be measured by how much I have physically but how much I give. ——————————————————
I have relinquished the need for control and trust that I have found my path by following my passions. I have never stood taller, been more compassionate or felt loving kindness as I do now. I know that I am equipped to do anything I put my mind and heart into. I love myself, i love the person that I am, and I do not need anyone else’s approval to do so. Happy Sunday. 🙏🏼 cc: @maskoffpod #YouCantHealWhatYouDontReveal #Mindfulness

began opening up about things I was going through and how I got, and continue to, get through them to heal myself. I share because I know that I am not alone and neither are you. I started @MaskOffPod as a way to continue to heal and through these conversations with my friends (real good guests too who I really appreciate for joining me on the show), and in the process, inspire others to do the same. ——🙏🏼HELP🙏🏼——
Many of you have called, texted or approached me in person saying how much you can relate to my journey and appreciate my openness. But in today’s digital age social media is how most people are introduced to new things. If you can relate, you’re a friend, business associate or just someone who follows my account, I ask you to please take a minute to do one, or more if you like, of these actions:

1. Listen, subscribe, comment, rate. (Link in BIO)
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3. Send me feedback, opinion, advice or share anything you like. @maskoffpod @hwmk

Thank you to my guests so far: @alldaydaoyi @scottiebeam @reallifekaz @wayno119 @krondon
@teamvic @toureshow
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“I try to give everywhere I go. Even if only a smile, a compliment, or my full attention, listening is the best gift I can give to those around me.” #Repost @maskoffpod with ・・・
7 things you can give to your family, friends, and anyone you come in contact with, for free. What will you serve up today? cc: @deus_descript

Today marks your 16th birthday, which means we have two years until you’ll be in college and out of our house! #EmptyNest Jokes aside, you are loving, caring, confident, smart, creative, talented, and yes, taller than me. Let’s keep preparing you to take your destiny into your own hands. Love you Wynner.

My brother Bun B dropped a new album, make sure you go get some Trill in yo life!
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Don’t forget to get some trill on ya life! New album Return Of The Trill out now everywhere! Download/stream it now! Link in bio!

Out of 6000 followers, probably 2500-3000 of you know me personally. You’re probably used to me posting sneakers, my clients and other work in the “influencer” space. Recently, I started a podcast called Mask Off (@maskoffpod) to create awareness and shift the conversation around mental health in our community. ————————————-
We aren’t given a road map for life; there is no navigational App like Waze that will put us on the path to living our best life. We have to imagine it then believe in ourselves so we can trust the journey. I was always hesitant to start for fear of what others would think, that I wasn’t qualified, or because I would fail. That kept me comfortable, basically treading water by doing just enough to get by, but not pushing to my edge. With consistent focus and repetition I have been able to imagine the life I want to live, who I want to be and how others will see me. No longer am I concerned with what others think of me but with how I think of myself. ————————————
I have a newfound confidence and acceptance in self. I now trust in my higher calling with people and that connecting and building community is what makes me happy and I am supposed to do in this lifetime. I know that revealing all that I need to heal, though it makes me vulnerable, will be for the greater good in the long run. I know sharing my story and having conversations with my friends will give you successful examples of people you can identify with that may relatable stories to learn from so that you know you are not alone and that we all go through life’s ups and downs. ———————————-
I know it’s not the “coolest” topic but it’s real life, take a minute to listen, comment, like, share or hit me back with some feedback, tell me what you think (LINK IN BIO)

Me and my man @teamvic sat down for my podcast @maskoffpod a few months back, finally getting out, ironically planned, today. Congrats on the next chapter my guy! 💪🏼 #Repost @maskoffpod ・・・
🏈 🏈MASK OFF PODCAST EPISODE 4 Featuring Victor Cruz🏈🏈
We learn from those we trust, usually family, friends or those we have admiration for and look up to, like athletes. What we usually see is their success but we don’t know how they got to be this figure we admire. I got the chance to sit with my friend, and Super Bowl champion, Victor Cruz and I learned so much about the person I know him to be now from this conversation. Nothing was handed to him, he’s worked his ass off both on and off the field, and prepared himself for success in each stage of his new life as I’m sure you’ve heard with his retirement announcement today. Tune in to hear our conversation, I’m sure you will appreciate, and hopefully be inspired, by his journey. #MaskOffPod #Mindfulness #NFL #NYGiants

P.S. Yes, we recorded this a few months back so disregard the weather talk lol
P.S.S. Usually my self sabotage would have made not editing that part out an excuse to not release the episode. Instead, I am putting it out as is, and I will do my best to make the edits happen in time moving forward but I WON’T LET IT STOP ME.
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/mask-off-podcast/id1402346621?mt=2
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/maskoffpodcast/mask-off-ep4-victorcruz
Google Play: https://player.fm/series/mask-off-podcast

Back in February 1992 I was making fake badges and sneaking into the Gavin convention in San Francisco to sell weed and listen to new hip hop. I met a couple guys who took a liking to me and asked if I understood where I was, I said “yeah, selling you weed.” They quickly schooled me on the potential opportunities in the music industry for somebody with my hustle. Not knowing me from nothing said “If you come to NYC we will get you an internship at a record label.” Had no clue what that was but knew College wasn’t for me and this was a golden opportunity. I saved up $2000 and drove 3000 miles to NYC with a couple friends. These guys brought me in like family, let me sleep on their couches, and hang out with them........
I was told to come by @diamondditc video shoot to speak with the head of radio promotions, i was given the internship right there on the set of “Best Kept Secret” with Anthony Mason dunking in the background..... I don’t know why you offered but I am forever grateful to @jamiesongrillo and Albee Ragusa for taking a chance on this kid #AlbeeRagusa 🙏🏼
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Happy 26th Anniversary @diamondditc for your “Best Kept Secret” single (8/18/1992) ! I am very honored and thankful that I had the opportunity to promote this 12” #vinyl to radio! #diamondandthepsycoticneurotics #DiamondD #bestkeptsecret #12inchvinyl #single #26thanniversary #pwlamericarecords #collegeradio #mixshow #promotions

You did it! I haven’t had anyone in my life that has inspired me to follow my dreams more than you. To be unwavering in the pursuit of passion and have the utmost trust in your vision, even when those around you can’t see it. To never take no as NO but as a stepping stone you crush into smooth pavement you use to create your own path. Keep doing what they say you can’t. Keep being first. Keep standing on your pedals. Most of all, keep inspiring by being YOU. #SOMP💪🏼
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The first to ever touch the Jumpman logo on a BMX bike. Release info coming soon. @jumpman23 shot: @ralphyramos #JordanBikingCo #GOmode

Today, August 12th, we celebrate 18 years strong (really 24 but we’ll stick with wedding date). We have gone through life’s tests but we’re still here, inseparable. We both know in our hearts we complete each other, you are the yin to my yang. We have recently made some big changes to set ourselves up for the next chapter, looking forward to what life brings our way. Blessed to be on this journey together, I love you 😍

EPISODE 3 of @maskoffpod featuring @wayno119 is live. If you don’t know him, take a listen to hear his journey. #SoundCloud link in bio or subscribe via apple podcast

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