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Hayley Williamson Photography  Addicted to podcasts & sleeping in like me...we’re gonna get along. Also, im a mumma to a cute/psycho cat named Dudley & shoot for @the_birth_day

I’ve been lucky & determined enough to have a nomadic heart & travelled a fair bit in my 35years. I don’t think the need to go somewhere new or even back to a fave place I’ve fallen in love with will ever leave my soul.
This is one of my fave countries - Croatia. I checked the date I shot this and I was 3/9/2008 on my very first ‘good camera’ Sony Alpha 100. (I’m very much a Canon gal these days). I had just sailed on a boat with my London girls for a week down the coast & I stayed back in Dubrovnik to explore by myself for a couple extra days - and also detox 😂

Travel has always been such a massive part of my life & it started me on my photography journey. I hope that when I’m old and grey I’ll still be off somewhere wandering around snapping away in one new town I’ve never been before...

I always try to think of something wise to say here but some days it’s really hard! You’ll often hear me say ‘I’m good at photos, not words’ - Today is one of those days. So I’ll let @jagangillett face say it all for me instead. #mutemondays

“WE LOVE THE PHOTOS!! We had such a busy week and have just sat down to look at them together. About to go through the USB now! You’ve done such a fabulous job capturing the energy of the day. Reliving all the special moments this morning and getting all emotional! Thank you doesn’t feel quite enough! xxx” - Laura & Donny

Getting messages like these from my clients truely makes my heart happy knowing that I’ve captured moments that mean so much to them. Yes it’s my job, but that doesn’t make it feel any less magical ✨ #clientlove

Weekends like these 🙌

There is something so sweet to capture cousins playing together freely. Holding hands & giggling, secret jokes & sideway looks of knowing what the other is thinking.

Maybe it reminds me of growing up with my own cousin (we are only 2 weeks apart) & knowing that different schools or homes didn’t matter, when we saw each other again it was like we were sisters...

Just Juno being her rad little self 😛

Long before he was born, she knew the smell of his head & the curve of his back - Vinnie, 1 week fresh ✨

I may only spend a short amount of time with my families but it’s so great to see each kiddies personalities shine through.... Mikaela, proud big sis showed me through the whole house explaining where everyone slept (inc the pets) & then took charge when holding Summer. Zali was more wary of me & then got over excited when we went into Mum & dads room, so jumped on the beds & got nude (there’s always one!) so I had to bribe her to get dressed and was able to snap her ball of energy. *we’re both the middle kids so I got it 😉

This was a rare 2 minutes of quiet, but I love how Zali is looking up to her big sis!

Why do Mondays always feel like a new beginnings?
Something we (usually) dread on a Sunday afternoon & then by the time our feet slide out of bed we have decided ‘nope today is the day I - (insert start a diet, new job, get on a plane, begin holidays etc)’. Why do we choose Monday as our starting point?

For me, I started with a homemade brew from @portsidecoffeegc (Jerry is sick of me annoying him at work so he taught me to make coffee at home) 😂 & I’m about to meet my photography friend @beczacherphoto for a walk/catch up! We met recently at the @unraveledacademy & it’s so nice to have someone in the photography industry to shoot the shit with.

So what’s your fresh start to the week?

Happy Sunday Lovers ✨

I embarked on a personal project yesterday - so mentioning it here to be accountable! This is an ‘outtake’ if sorts as I don’t think it will be used in the final product.
But the light hitting Harriette’s face just so as she peeks her big, dramatic, doll like eyes at me, still stopped me in my tracks. There’s something about her vulnerability but fierceness that moved me in this image.

My muse with her muse.

As ‘Aunty Hayley’ to many amazing kiddies I’ve watched them through the different stages of growing right in front of me - And as they grow I think to myself ‘this is my favourite age’, but it’s always changing!

But watching Addy with her mumma and those giggles and gummy smiles, I definitely think this is my fave stage!! What’s yours??

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