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ANOTHER 5 STAR REVIEW ON AMAZON.COM FOR MY NEW BOOK, “TONY DUQUETTES DAWNRIDGE”. Each of Hutton Wilkinson’s four volumes on Tony Duquette, his mentor and eventual business partner, has its focus on Duquette, the genius. Yet behind each book is the voice of another genius, Wilkinson himself. With this, his most recent book, Tony Duquette’s Dawnridge, Hutton vividly captures the creative spirit and personalities of Tony and Beegle Duquette, my treasured friends of forty years, not only with his colorful story-telling, but also with remarkable photos of the house, garden and glamorous memorabilia of Tony and Beegle’s lives.
If ever a biography is to ring true, its pages must breathe credibility for subject as well as author. Although Hutton is a first-rate novelist (The Walk to Elsie’s with M. Flynn Kuhnert, for example, and more recently the imaginative Gaspar Brown Mysteries), he does not spin tales or invent fantasy settings for The Dawnridge of Tony Duquette.
So many books do not have this quality of personalization; here the insistent focus on the inhabitants of Dawnridge that make the compound come alive,is true to both subject and author.
If only Tony and Beegle could read this tribute to themselves and to Dawnridge, the private paradise they created, they would be as moved as I by the beauty, the narrative and the photographs of this fourth volume – of what I shall now call The Tony Duquette Quartet.

Another 5 STAR REVUE FROM amazon for my Gaspar Brown adventure series. @huttonwilkinson @gasparbrown.adventures @gasparbrownchronicles @gasparbrown2018 #ghost #pirates #adventure #book #youngadult #hardyboys #harrypotter #treasure Elizabetta
A great diversion for a winter's day
March 13, 2018
Verified Purchase
I read about this book in a blog I follow. The blog writer suggested that this book was fun for all ages and that intrigued me. As I am a 70 year old great grandmother, pirate stories with young teenage boys as the main character aren't my 'normal' type of read! But this one piqued my interest for several reasons, not the least of which is that the story involved the pirate Jose Gaspar. I have experienced Gasparilla Days [in Tampa, Florida] so I decided to see if there really are books out there that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. The short answer is 'yes!' Although it is probably a little too complicated for kids under the age of 8 or 9, anyone older than that might find this book an awful lot of fun, as I did. Lots of adventures, appealing characters and best of all, no unacceptable parts that have to be advised against. The story line is fascinating and the descriptions of places and events make this more interesting by the chapter. It is a very unusual story and if you are looking for something enjoyable to read but a little out of the ordinary, you might really enjoy this whimsical book. It is the first in a series that Wilkinson intends to write, so I look forward to more of these adventures. An interesting side note is that all the titles of the future books are listed in the front although none of them have been published yet.

I want to share one of the 12... 5 STAR REVIEWS ON AMAZON.COM for book #1 of my Gaspar Brown adventure series! If your still looking for a wholesome read for yourself, family or young adult friends... this may be it! @huttonwilkinson @gasparbrown.adventures #gasparbrown @gasparbrownchronicles #ghost #pirates #treasure #gasparilla #youngadult #book #adventure #mystery #fun
Wonderful Surprise
October 7, 2017
Verified Purchase
Hutton Wilkinson’s first volume of Gaspar Brown’s adventures is a mix of Robert Lewis Stevenson and J.K. Rowling in terms of character development and enjoyment. It’s a real page turner for readers of all ages. Having read his other books on Jewelry, Tony Duquette and Elsie De Wolfe, I found this to be a marvelous departure yet on par with the pleasure I had years ago with the Harry Potter stories and even young boy reading the Three Investigators Series— Wilkinson is a visual writer who paints the background perfectly as much as his delightful characters who seem so real and likable. I am so pleased to have found this wonderful book and will look for the other books in what is the freshest new series of books that an adult can enjoy then pass on to their kids. It’s a bargain at any price

Have you read Nena’s Notes? It’s a great blog written by my pal @nenasnotes ... and her latest book review is about my new book for Abrams, “Tony Duquette’s Dawnridge” with photographs by @timstreetporter !!! Nena’s blog is always interesting, with her amazing eye for fashion, NENA has her finger on the pulse of what’s new and happening... especial during the new Maximalist Epoch which we are in right this minute!!! Thank you NENA for your very kind review... I love you and your blog Nena’sNotes is my “MUST READ”!!! Xoxoxoxoxo. @huttonwilkinson #abrams #timstreetporter #interiordesign #hamishbowles #dawnridge #tonyduquette #newbook #chistmaspresent

Never ending birthdays!!! Our darling Thai friends surprised us last night with double birthday cakes in Bangkok!!! My birthday was last week ...Ruth’s is this week ...nothing like having too much cake to eat ... Bangkok style @huttonwilkinson

As Elsie de Wolfe used to say... “He who rides a tiger finds it difficult to dismount!!!” Elsie knew what she was talking about!!! Here in Bangkok with Pampour... Andrew and Laura’s pet tiger in law!!! @huttonwilkinson @andrewjones2253 @lauraphotograph #Asia books #hardcover #elsiedewolfe

Our pups, Piper Dundee and Kippy of the Cavendish love their hotel room in Bangkok!!! Kippie already pee’d the carpet and Piper did his worst... but I told the hotel manager that “ I did it !” @huttonwilkinson

Irresistible ... not me... the house for sale in Luang Prabang, Laos!!! @huttonwilkinson #fixer-upper

Look at the sweet little fixer upper house I just bought in Laos!!! I’m filling it with souvenirs and shipping it home tomorrow!!! @huttonwilkinson

Glorious Cambodia! @huttonwilkinson

Coconut water... Cambodia!!! @huttonwilkinson

Good morning Angkor... sunrise at Angkor Wat... dream come true... Cambodia... @huttonwilkinson

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