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Hussein Melele  CEO of Mulika Tanzania


"If you fail to communicate your idea,it's gone like yesterday", @husseinmelele
The @amua255 media tour on sharing our Project Status to the community. Special thanks to City Radio Fm for hosting us.

CC @mulika255

The tides are changing rapidly than we can imagine, making communication more vital aspect for the success of any projects or programming towards the community.

Corporate communication play great role on informing and educating well your intended audience with proper content designed specific for their consumption.

Thus guaranteeing positive impacts of your engagement with your targeted audience.

@mulika255 has been key corporate communication partner of @amua255 entrusted with UNFPA Tanzania and Sahara Sparks to manage the AMUA Accelerator' project communication.

We design and support corporate communication for positive results as desired.Let's work together and compliment your good work, you can get in touch with us at info@mulika.or.tz
NB: Pictures; During the AMUA Accelerator Media Briefing at Protea Courtyard Hotel in Dar es salaam.


@mulika255 warmly wishes happy Eid-el-Hajj to all Muslims around the world.

May ALLAH purify all your deeds by his blessings.
@mulika255, "Enlightening Young People's minds"

INTERNSHIP: Learning and Knowledge sharing are the best practice on our career.

@mulika255 once again gives you as a young and energetic individual to learn to work with youth and general community.

We are looking for young people who can offer their time to serve as Communications Personnel, Creative Graphic Designer, and Video Editor.
If interested,click the link in my BIO

It is still continue to be proven by @floydmayweather that,Actions speak better than just words. "Let's live with our actions and not just words",@husseinmelele

Let's work hard to retire rich,@therealkiyosaki
said #richdadpoordad


ALHAMDULILAH for the blessing of life that GOD has continue to bless me with.May ALLAH guide me well to live by his wisdom, wishes and guidance.

Much appreciation for the great love and continued support to my family,friends and colleagues. And I send special love to my mother and my late father,may all the blessing be upon them,AMEEN AMEEN AMEEN.



Hongera sana #MtuWaPwani ,may GOD bless you always. Nafurahi sana kuona unaishi katika ndoto zako,kheri zaidi ziwe nawe brother. Much congratulations once again, Mwandishi bora wa michezo #ndondocup2017
#roommate ..hahaha safiiiii

"Young people need space to prove what we are capable of doing and not just by words but by firmly actions", @husseinmelele.

It was such a great moment to facilitate the Panel discussion under the theme; How can we use Innovative approach on conducting/implementing Development Programs in our community? As Communication Lead of @amua255 entrusted doing this work with UNFPA and Sahara Sparks,it was such an honour having this opportunity to serve.

My sincerely appreciation to our organization @mulika255 and all my team mates for such wonderful work.


GOD has always been right leading us to the rightful decision and places beyond our vision.May all your wishes when you vowed for wedding bells be true with abundant happiness always.Happy New Life dear @mamujay .


"Let's remember to be LEADERS"
Cc @mulika255

"Stay FOCUSED and PUSH yourself"


"Having a freedom to fail is the door to success, GET STARTED NOW,"@zuck

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