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H.S. Imagines/Series  Writer❤//⚠steal my imagines and you'll be blocked🚨

Part 3-
My eyes flew open at the sound of something slamming into my cell wall, shaking the bars with enough force to send my heart jumping. "Who's there?" I asked, fighting to keep the shakiness from my voice. In the outline of the light cast down from the hall above, I saw the figure turn its head, adjust its body so that it was looking straight at me. "If you're going to punish me again, just get it over with, I don't care how drunk you are." Because that's what this was. An impaired soldier looking to get a few swings at the infamous bitch they managed to catch and lock away down here. The voice that spoke back surprised me, having the accent of someone not of the Ferdans, but my own people. "I'm not-you're trapped down here?" "What do you think the bars are for?" I didn't mean to say it, especially not to a possible ally in this hell, the words just flew out before I could stop myself. A soft chuckle rumbled from the other side of the bars, followed by the sound of moving footsteps and metal groaning. "My mistake. Could you move back please?" He asked in an impossibly polite voice. "Why?" "Because I'm going to apply pressure to these metal poles, and I don't think you want to be too close when they fall off their hinges." He explained, and a moment later she had only the briefest chance to scramble back before a straw crowbar was entered between the bars and bent. A few tries later-and a few foul strings of curses from his mouth-had a single pole bending with enough room for her to slip through. "Come on. I'm meant to meet my men soon," he gestured her forward, hand reaching out to help her out of the awkward position she had been in on the floor. "How..how do I know I can trust you?" She asked, for the first time realizing she should've been asking questions to test his loyalty. Though a stray soldier wouldn't do what he'd just done; offered her an escape. "Shouldn't my handsome looks give you enough?" "The sugar house was alluring but it didn't help Hansel and Gretel much, did it?" I countered, earning another soft dispel of air that resembled a chuckle. "I can promise you, my intentions are pure, unless of course you don't want them to be" he further

Part 2-
"Styles, are you listening?" Captain Will snapped from his spot at the front of the pack. Damnit-I'd lost my focus.
Being his second in command, I couldn't afford to make mistakes like that, it could cost my squad more than I'd like to think about. I snapped to attention, my mind narrowing on the surroundings as well as the machine gun in my possession. "Yes sir, just thought I saw something in the brush" I called back as quietly as I could without getting
our cover blown. The battle that took place yesterday took out a good portion of our arms, but the enemy had gotten crucial information on our battle plans,and given that my squad was the most eligible-despite our missing numbers-we were tasked with the responsibility of retrieving those documents. No matter the cost.We were signaled forward, our feet making almost no sound despite our heavy boots and lumbering bodies. It wasn't long before we saw the base camp of the Ferdans, where we broke out into small groups to divide and conquer. Leading Weasley and Simon, next in rank after me, I made my way through the tree line and behind the first set of guards. Where I knocked them out soundly with the butt of my riffle. Signaling my men on, we ventured further into the camp, where we continued to dispatch men-with only a few minor scuffles-until we were within the compound's sad excuse for a fortress.
Looking down both sides of the hallway before leading us on, we turned into the hall, only to find it had a fork just around the corner. "Left or right, sir?" Simon asked, hoping from foot to foot nervously. Understandable, he was new to the army, still yet to get a full chest of hair. "Sir?" "You two go right, I'll head left." I answered. "No arguments. I'm more experienced than the both of you. Stay alert" I added when I saw the hesitation on their faces. Without another word but a simple nod, we split apart,me heading down the hall without the weight of my men looming over me. I worked better as a lone soldier, not with the added title of babysitter. I was scanning the hall for a possible room to search when the sound of voices forced me to take cover.And free-fall down a flight of stairs.

Fantasy stories like this don't usually get a lot of love, and since I've started writing more out there ideas, (in my opinion anyway) I've noticed a large drop in response. It's a bit disheartening, but honestly I love writing fantasy and it's what I'm setting myself up to do the rest of my life; becoming a writer. So just know that even if I'm not posting as much, I still look at this account all the time, and I'm not stopping my progress with it because what I write is different and not what some people are looking for (again, in my opinion). I've just started with a new series and I'm liking how it begun. Please no hate on this, I'm expressing my opinion.

Is Insta dead or is my account just shit because I feel like my stories aren't as well received as some of my past ones and I don't get much feedback. Not complaining, just miss talking to you guys💖#Harry #styles #harrystyles #husbandstyles94 #imagine #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrystylesimagines #niallhoran #louistomlinson #liampayne #onedirection #harrystylespreferences #1dfanfiction #harrystylesfanfics

Lover boy💋🔥Getting started on the new series soon. Any guesses? I'm pretty sure I gave some of it away when I asked for some help choosing a picture😂❤️#Harry #styles #harrystyles #husbandstyles94 #imagine #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrystylesimagines #niallhoran #louistomlinson #liampayne #onedirection #harrystylespreferences #1dfanfiction #harrystylesfanfics

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