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Husband Revolution  My name is Aaron Smith. I live in the PNW. I am married to @unveiledwife I am a Christ follower / Blogger / Marketer / Developer / Author.

Who are you allowing to influence you?

Men. We should be encouraging our wives daily. Here are a few ways how you can do that.

Men. Today let's fight in prayer for one another. Using only ONE WORD let me and other men know how we can be praying for you. When you comment, also like/comment on other men's prayers letting them know you are praying for them. Go.

My heart is not just mine, it belongs to my wife because we are one. I am responsible for guarding my heart and protecting it. I am responsible for living a pure life. Purity is power and I have seen first hand the kind of power it has in my marriage. When my wife knows confidently that I live purely, she can trust me. That kind of security for a wife creates a safe place for intimacy. There are a ton of things in this world that want my heart...but it is my responsibility to guard it. And I'm only strong enough to do it when I abide in God, reading His Word daily. Guard your wife's heart by abiding in God and living pure. "God has called us to live holy lives, not impure lives." - 1 Thessalonians 4:7

A quick thought from Matthew 22 for you today...

Listening: the art of shutting up long enough to allow my bride to share with me her heart with out me trying to fix everything. It is a life long pursuit of learning to understand her as well as hearing her.

Your presence is more important then your presents. But, merely being present is not enough. Who you are and what you bring to your home when you are present is what matters. Be present with the things that will leave your children and wife with memories that they will not want to forget.

My wedding night. This smile slowly faded over the next 4 years of my marriage. My marriage was not what I thought it should be. I was broken and angry. I felt God had let me down. I believed He was punishing me for my sins. I was wrong. He was sanctifying me. He was changing me. He was using this cross to kill my flesh. Once I surrendered my will and perspective to God he then was able to heal me.
Is this you? Surrender today.

Are you hiding?
What “thing” has God commanded you to utterly destroy in your life?
I listed these things to prompt you to consider what thing or things God may be asking you to destroy.

I received this card this morning from one of my employees. And it really blessed me and it made me think of how powerful gratitude is. Are you a grateful man? Is your first respond in any situation, "thank you Lord?" I know mine isn't always, but I desire that it would be. Lord, give me a heart of thankfulness! #gratitude
Ps. I just wanted to say how thankful I am for all of you. Every time I get a comment from someone who is also chasing after God it makes me rejoice! Keep it up :)

Men. What you do screams so loud what you say can't often be heard. Here are few ways to make your wife feel cherished.

You are the first man she will ever love. Make it count. #daddysgirl

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