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Maybe had a little too much fun with leg day. All I know now is I have a goal this year to hit 1 million in one workout session.

Goal for 2018 was to PR at 500lbs on leg press. My previous was 430lbs. Well goal 1 crushed. I just PR’d at 610lbs. Now to crush my deadlift goal for the year.👊

Christmas Eve day PR. Deadlift 245lbs. Happy Holidays!💜

Crushed another PR and passed 6 million weights lifted for the year. Not too bad when my goal was only 3 million. Never give up and keep crushing those goals. Happy Holidays everyone! Keep letting that light shine from within even on the darkest days. You are all amazing!💜

Finally PR’d on leg press at 370lbs. Hoping to bump it up some more by the end of the year. It’s been a long week. I think I’ve finally adjusted to my new workout schedule. Sad about having to cut back on powerlifting but it will be worth it in the end. Enjoy your weekend and stay true to yourself!

Happy FlexFriday💪! Let’s keep crushing our goals! Have a fantastic weekend! Shoutout to @sorahtheunicorn for getting me hooked on these workout clothes. @livesore love the clothes. It’s nice to not feel constricted when pumping iron.

Even through all the celebrations I kept working out and even got another PR. It was a great week last week. Now to get my nutrition back on point. Freshly ground peanut butter and I have become besties. We might have to drop to just a friend level.🤣😂🤣

Finally making some progress again!😃

Happy FlexFriday 💪

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