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arya is my n1 babe  all things game of thrones direwolf grp & wifey πŸ’• i'm overrated

hardly any screentime in s7
at least make her revive robb
#melisandre #gameofthrones

the best leader in s7
CREDIT: @nightkinq πŸ’•
#whitewalkers #nightking #gameofthrones

Did you think i forgot the legend that is Olenna
Well never judge a book by it's cover
CREDIT: @dafuqgallagher πŸ’•
#olennatyrell #cerseilannister #gameofthrones

ive been inactive and losing followers whoopps
love me plez im needy
#cerseilannister #gameofthrones

First thing I thought of during the aryaxbrienne fight was how similar her style is to syrios
He would be so proud
#aryastark #syrioforel #gameofthrones
cr; ewa.edits

Your thoughts on JON SNOW??
i still love him, but if they keep distancing him from his stark connection, and focus on his targ side with him fucking his aunt or the time, i think my love will decrease
CREDIT: @wonderediits πŸ’žπŸ’ž
#jonsnow #gameofthrones

If you happen to watch/starting to watch x company, slide into my dms thanks

Do you ever have characters that you don't like, but try to like them, and like them for like 5 minutes, and then see obnoxious fans, and end up not liking them again? Yeah me too.
CREDIT: @madtargaryen πŸ’žπŸ’ž love this
#daenerystargaryen #gameofthrones

Still can't believe by bbg is home after all this time
CREDIT: the talented @hedawolves πŸ’—
#aryastark #gameofthrones

I want arya & nymeria to be a power duo in s8 thanks
That's all i ask + arya to be happy
#aryastark #nymeria #gameofthrones

I'm in an arya mood
CREDIT: @missaendei πŸ’–
#aryastark #gameofthrones

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