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Katie - Hurrah For Gin  Writer, drawer, mum, gin enjoyer, bit of a twat.

'I got dressed all on my own Mummy!' 'Oh that's great thank you darling!'
*goes upstairs*

You take it like a shot too - is it supposed to be ironic?!

On tonight's episode of Wine Pairings for Parents we attempt to find the right bouquet to match thread worm medication.
For the more discerning connoisseur you might like to try a ripe Riesling, it's fruity undertones will really bring out the artificial banana flavouring masking the true taste of this vile treatment.
For those who feel slightly sick about the fact that everyone has worms up their arses (again) and don't generally give a fuck what they are drinking as long it's alcoholic you could just knock it back with a glass (bottle) of whatever is on offer in Salisbury's Local whilst closing your eyes and imagining you are young, free and in your 19 year old body flirting with a hot barman in Barcelona. ...and then opening them again and looking at the picture on the box and shouting 'WHY ARE YOU SKIPPING?! WHY ARE YOU ALL SO HAPPY?! YOU HAVE LIVE WORMS LIVING UP YOUR BUMHOLES FFS YOUR BEHAVIOUR IS NOT NORMAL!' #winepairingsforparents #kidsaregross #FML #illjusthaveanywine #allofthewine #GIVEMETHEWINENOW #noimnotsayingplease

It's not worse exactly, just different.
(It's worse).

FYI parents who do this to their little angel's hard earned Easter eggs are terrible people.

Roll up, roll up for Easter weekend who's having the shittest night in top trumps!
Currently watching Postman Pat: The Movie which is quite possibly the worst fucking film I have ever seen (might quite like to stab the cretin - wrong no?!) Can anyone raise me? (At least I have wine).

In my dreams anyway 😴

This is such a lovely interview I did with @_actualanna as part of her new 'So She Did Diaries' about inspiring woman to follow their dreams and sort of just... go and do cool stuff!! 'Twas a lovely chat :) - link to interview in profile x

Reposting @_actualanna with @instarepost_app -- And here it is, Part One of my interview with Katie Kirby from Hurrah for Gin. Mum or not, give this a read as she shares some great advice on dealing with criticism, being your own boss and blowing your own trumpet. Let me know what you think! Part Two coming on Thursday!

...and as a reward for being such a brave boy she stupidly says 'You can choose whatever you like from your toy book!' 😁

It was DAY ONE of the Easter holidays and the gods of total fucking injustice looked down upon Mummy and the extremely complicated timetable of expensive holiday clubs she had organised and said:- 'Wow she looks pretty stressed I know what will help - a child with a broken arm!' #FML #HurrahForGin

Working mum guilt.

Those feels that you get when holidays swing about and everyone around you seems to be talking about exciting day trips, hanging out together and lazy mornings in their PJs.

And you realise that the 'break' for your kids is pretty much none existent - holiday clubs, nursery and begged childcare from friends and family. Normal life must continue but sometimes it just sucks because you want to be out there 'making memories' or just tearing your hair out at the sheer frustration of spending WAY too much together.

The weight of not being there sits heavily on my shoulders tonight so I guess all I'm trying to say is here's a little camaraderie for everyone not seeing their kids as much as they'd like (loud, obnoxious, annoying little things though they may be - god I love the bones of them) x

Parenting 101. Lesson no. 138...
Never ask people who don't have kids about their weekend plans.

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