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Carolyn  Momma, jewelry maker and sea glass finder, MD girl that found her way in PR Find me on social media and Etsy at #huntressbysea


Some real talk y’all...I almost never notice this stuff, but I’m close to 2K followers and I wanna hit that silly goal 😄and I noticed after I posted about my stoke on my sobriety anniversary I lost 12 followers...coincidence? Or is Instagram an odd place to post about that stuff? Well it shouldn’t be! addiction, alcoholism, mental illness and all that stuff is so stigmatized but it touches all of us. I hope 12 people just were like “ugh, gimme sea glass” 😂 But in case it wasn’t, lemme be the first to say There is help, and hope and as long as there is breath in your lungs, you can get clean and sober and stabilized. Share your truth and help another soul!! ❤️✌🏼peace out y’all and much love ❤️ Here’s some sea glass for our regularly scheduled program 😄#truth #recoveryisworthit #seaglass #soulseeker #speakyourtruth #love #reachout #instagram

7 years (all in a row!!!😂) of continuous sobriety today!!! I picked this picture because it was a spiritual moment for me, my heart was overflowing and it was such a happy joyous and FREE moment. I couldn’t IMAGINE birthdays, concerts, parties, heck just a Tuesday night, without an alcoholic drink in my cup. Today I get to be free of that obsession, I am privileged to walk with others that live sober lives but most of all, I have more fun in sober minutes than I EVER EVER did in drunken hours. One day at a time. I’m blessed with the best tribe and family and hubby ever that look out for me and of course an amazing God that is with me every step of my way ❤️ If just one person gets inspired man I will be so happy...it’s all worth the work. If you’re struggling, never give up.

I found this today and I’ve started falling in love with shells, I can’t WAIT to incorporate them into my designs...can someone with some shell knowledge skills educate me on what type this is? Im sure she’s some basic scallop/clam/mussel thing but it’s PURPLE 😱 and I love her!! #shell #seashells #seashells🐚 #infoneeded #alwaysonthehunt #beachgirl #beachlife #huntressbysea

Today is our Pack The Pigford Suitcase Pig 🐖 Pickin! Bring an aid item for Puerto Rico, say farewell to me and @prsurfadventures and come eat some pig! 2pm today on Hamlet Ave...gonna be cold ❄️ ⛄️ so bundle up!!! Our thanks for all of you wonderful friends that had our back on this journey!!! #PuertoRico

A story of fire and ice 🔥❄️ The beach and the winter 🧜🏻‍♀️🏹🌊

If you would have asked me in 2017 if I would be doing a photo shoot in the snow ❄️ of my sea glass 🌊 the 5th day of 2018 I would’ve definitely said “yeahhh NO” but here I am doing just that!!! We return to Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 very soon!!! Warm weather and beautiful clear water await us 🧜🏻‍♀️ Stay warm East Coast friends!

Sliding thru 2018 like...

It snowed in Coastal NC and me and @prsurfadventures took full advantage...a fitting (almost) closeout to this incredible journey of ours...hurricanes, fires and snow on the beach, we are working to make lemonade out of lemons 🍋 #snow2018 #adventurelife #brocklife #snowNC #snowbombs

In case you’re wondering, it’s going to be 82° and sunny today in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 🏝 🌴 #paradise #prselevanta🇵🇷🇵🇷 #Surf #surfPR #puertorico

A story of s’mores, in 3 parts. ❄️Baby it’s cold outside ❄️ #surfNC #NCwinter #cold #snow #brocklife

My sweet boy at the beach with me today...taking pix of @prsurfadventures surfing and trying to stay warm #winter #caribbeandreams #PRherewecome #NCsurf

✨🌟✨Hey friends, family, loyal customers and followers...May you all have a peaceful and serene holiday season 😌🎄 So grateful for the gifts me and @prsurfadventures have been given all year long. It’s been “another adventure” (as we keep telling our 8 year old as we move through post-Hurricane Maria living) and we just keep working towards our goals and dreams, and staying always in the light ✨🌟✨ Merry Christmas!!!🎁🎄

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