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As a child, I remember Granny making me bite into a raw onion to cure a chest cold. I disliked it then but eventually grew to love the taste of raw onions! She taught me how to gather raw onions from the woods behind our house, as well as poke salad, dandelion, sassafras from the bark of trees, and other lessons on food and medicine that nature provides. Part of my daily routine now as a Vegan doing keto is to marinate onions in the finest quality cold pressed extra virgin olive oil along with delicious salt-free spices for a few hours. I eat them raw, sautéed, or caramelized .. depending on my preference each day. They are delicious!

Listen ... This product is giving me my entire life right now! It smells heavenly and does exactly what it claims! The coconut oil leaves my sensitive skin so hydrated and soft to the touch. The epsom salt takes its time to dissolve so you get a much longer soak than other brands I've used. This is what I call a SCORE!

Day 5 of my December water fast and these peppers are threatening to spoil on me. So I am cutting and freezing them until I can enjoy them in a delicious meal. I needed to reboot my system after the Thanksgiving feast. After 5 days of fasting I'm feeling light, peace, serenity, and super motivation. October/November fast lasted for 12 days. I'm relying on my body to tell me when to end this one. When hunger returns, trust me, I will eat! Food is my passion.

Vegan fried mushroom oysters. Eggless ground flax seed batter, seafood seasonings (just a pinch of each), bread crumbs, deep fried to crunchy goodness. Even the non-vegan husband helped himself to this meal. Next time I will chop all the pieces smaller. The smaller pieces had a more authentic texture after cooking. The larger pieces were a little chewy. But the crunch was on point!

Yesterday we enjoyed the last bowls of Thanksgiving Gumbo which we froze to keep it fresh. I wanted to save it for Christmas but it kept calling my name! Delicious! Spices set in even better than the day it was cooked. I'm back on my Vegan grind after eating the best Louisiana seafood gumbo I've ever made. I'm going to perfect a vegan version for next year. I promised myself to accomplish that goal. Hello December! Let's make some fried vegan mushroom oysters today!

Sneak peek at the gumbo. Let it sit shiva tonight, tomorrow we grub!

The Gumbo Rue is like dark chocolate! 45 minutes of constant stirring. Perfect!

Okra fried down to no slime for the Gumbo. Happy Holidays!

Marinate the wet ingredients, then season the dry ingredients, then mix the salad. Getting my veggies in before the non-vegan cooking begins. The husband wants prime rib roast and I want gumbo! Happy Holidays!

You just can't go wrong with salads! Dress it down or dress it up with assorted seeds, veggies, and nutritious goodies!

This is for the broccoli lover in me! Lightly steamed to retain the crunch.

Brussels sprouts must be charred if you're going to grill them. So good! Seasoned and drizzled in sesame oil. Totally delicious. I topped it with a tahini sauce that complimented the flavors and spices.

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