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Lauren Hunter  SONiC 102.9 Midday Announcer. Graphic Designer. Portrait Painter. Amateur Comedian. Videographer. Producer. Also: Top 6th Smartest Kid in Grade 7.


I made a shirt that says "Breadmonton". The sleeves say "Carb Party". Why? BECAUSE I CAN!!!! #yeg #carb #CARBLYF3

#TBT One of the coolest honours I ever had in my life, #Canada Olympic women's #hockey team goalie @szabados40 used a drawing of mine on her helmet that she wore during the 2014 #Olympics. She saw my drawing on a friend's Facebook page, and asked if she could use it. It was so crazy to turn on the TV & see Shannon wear something I had made during the gold medal match in the Olympics!!! The team ended up winning gold in Sochi too. I guess that year, we were ALL WINNERS!!!!

Gotta get that #Tide Pod Tide bod. #tidepods

It was 7 years ago today, that I survived passing out after eating a really hot tortellini. #TortelliniGate LEST WE FORGET (also side note for context: diploma prep is what I took in gr 12 to help study for exams)

The annual meeting of the Lauren Hunter fan club. 😂

Throwback to that time I looked like a teen boy who worked in a surf shop. "TOTALLY DUDE, RIDE THE WAVES MA BRO!!!"

Hey shoutout to listener @rockyjohnnyy who saw my #drawing the other day and bought it with a cool twist. He said he'd give 50 bucks to me and then another 50 bucks to any charity of my choosing! So I picked The Heart and Stroke Foundation. Great idea! Now it literally is... #ART... FOR THE HEART! WOO! #cheesyradioname

I'm gonna be honest I mainly just use #Tinder for laughs haha but MY GOD this guy's Tinder game is strong. Well played stranger, well played.

The #Coachella lineup came out this week, and a lot of people are making parodies of it.

So introducing... "EDCHELLA!!!: The #Edmonton Coachella". #yeg #yyc #canada

My latest weird creation: Was trying to get this finished in time for Christmas, but didn't till now. This took a lotta hours(30ish maybe? who knows) it basically came in a box as a white plaster thing and you paint it all (the last picture is just for reference what plaster things look like before you paint them). Here's to more neurotic projects in 2018. YAY

Looking back, 2017 was quite the roller coaster year. The beginning half was pretty tough, I had thousands of dollars of uncovered dental bills, my grandma had a stroke, among some other challenging things personally. It was some of these personal frustrations that made me think in the summer, hey, I need to channel my frustrations into an outlet. So that outlet became the Connor McPortrait, which completely turned around my year. So who knows what 2018 holds, but if there's one thing I learned this year it's take your frustrations and channel it into something productive (be it sports or art or music or stand up comedy- WHATEVER you enjoy). So Cheers to 2018, and Thanks for all of YOUR generous support over the past year! I can tell you confidently the outcome of the Connor McPortrait and my year wouldn't have been the same without your support. Ps but tonight I hope you all get WRIGGITY, WRIGGITY, WRECKED SON!

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